SCOTUS Rules First Amendment Entitles Web Designer to Refuse Gay Weddings

Fourth Civil Rights Group Issues Florida Travel Advisory/Boycott But Nothing Official From National LGBT Orgs.

HRC, GLAAD, and The Task Force all MIA. But what else is new?


The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) issued a travel advisory Wednesday, citing the recent passage of SB 1718 which, among other provisions, requires large employers to verify worker citizenships. The law, once in effect would suspend the license of those who knowingly hire undocumented employees.
LULAC president Domingo Garcia said his advocacy group “believes that these hostile and dangerous new laws create a clear and present danger to Latinos in Florida and to Americans in general.”
A couple months ago, the Florida Immigrant Coalition and Equality Florida each issued travel advisories for the state, and the Florida chapter of the NAACP asked the national board to issue a travel advisory.

After a year of Desantis’ heinous “Don’t Say Gay” law Equality Florida who issued an LGBT travel alert exactly one month ago has been the ONLY LGBT organization to issue a warning and put a boycott in place. As usual our national LGBT orgs: The Human Rights Campaign, The Task Force and GLAAD are MIA after doing nothing to try to prevent this.

It well past time that the LGBT community boycotts Florida tourism, travel and products.

We must join in solidarity to stop this. And if our organs. won’t do it then we as individuals must.

Please promote and share.

It’s Time For LGBT+ & Allies To Get Serious and OFFICIALLY BOYCOTT FLORIDA

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