FLORIDA - Wilton Manors Bans Drag Queens at PRIDE

FLORIDA – Wilton Manors Bans Drag Queens at PRIDE

Image what could be done to fight DeSantis if the Flori-gays actually had a backbone.

Via South Florida Gay News:

Drag queens and other performers who work up and down Wilton Drive, filed into the city commission chamber at Wilton Manors City Hall. They, along with other citizens, stood up and spoke out, urging commissioners to stand with them against the tyranny of Tallahassee.

In the end, the panel sympathized, empathized, and voted against them. The issue was amending the permit for Stonewall Pride Inc. to force compliance of a new law that expands the definition of “live adult entertainment” to include drag entertainment.

Mayor Scott Newton (the lone straight man in the city government) said people marginalized by the law are still welcome to be part of the event. “We’re proud to have drag queens and the transgender community come and walk and ride in floats down Wilton Drive. But because of the commissions vote the individual will be breaking the law. Not the PRIDE organization running the parade.

We’ve posted before that in the year since Ron DeSantis and “Don’t Say Gay” that Wilton Manors in Fort Lauderdale which is heavily LGBT has done very little in the way of any protests or blowback to the state. What makes it even more shocking is the entire city commission is LGBTQ and not one of them had the balls to stand-up against Ron DeSantis because they MIGHT lose their Commission seat.

Remember: Fascism can only take root when good people comply.


In other news today Wilton Manors unveiled it’s new Pride Flag.

2 thoughts on “FLORIDA – Wilton Manors Bans Drag Queens at PRIDE

  1. Well, this is LGBT History – as sadly so often, individuals fearing to risk, to accept wrong with no courage and not care for others – or not understanding Community is needed with ALL supporting, defending and advancing together – and not seeking acceptance from those of power and privilege who they prefer over those more vulnerable. I saw this often with those huddled in bars not aiding those being attacked by bashers and not wanting to join a protest or speak up – as long as THEY could get by in a world of isolation and intolerance they did not care or believe could be better. We made advances DESPITE such people who did not care – but were happy when advances came. I remember when Gay bars discriminated against People of Color, women and drag queens – and did not care about those without food, shelter and healthcare. Seems the very folks now on that Ft. Lauderdale Wilton Manors who accepts hetero rule and discrimination and “behaving themselves” – as we have seen much before! Will they violate the Sodomy Laws if reinstalled by that Florida Legislature, or also go along – and then if just round ups and imprisonments – WHEN will they think ENOUGH – or do as the good respectable LGBT always did – NOTHING! Instead Resist Wrong – And Not Accept – And ORGANIZE – Silence is no CHOICE for those who claim “they are with us (quietly)” More Noise Less Quiet NO ACCEPTANCE OF WRONG

  2. Drag Queens paved the way for the Gay Community to end abusive behavior from the Police and haters and this is how we thank them. Go to hell.

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