Pride Organizers Are Cancelling Drag Queens Ahead of Festivals. Cowards.

COWARDS – Pride Organizers Are Cancelling Drag Queens Ahead of Festivals.

PRIDE was born out of activism and to show everyone who we are. Excluding Drag Queens goes against everything PRIDE stands for.

Organizers of Pride festivals and parades in mostly conservative states where there’s been a broader push targeting LGBTQ+ rights have been under increasing pressure to censor or cancel their events.  They’re taking steps like editing acts and canceling drag shows in order to still hold their annual celebrations . But should they?

Most Pride organizations are busy “doing their homework” and investigating how legislation popping up around the country may impact their events, said Ron deHarte, co-president for the U.S. Association of Prides.  (Who knew?)

This year, the Pride Alliance of the Treasure Coast in Port St. Lucie, Florida has reacted to possible legislation, canceling a planned gay pride parade and restricting other events to people 21 years and older.

Meanwhile, organizers in the Nashville, Tennessee, suburb of Franklin, opted not to include drag performances in their Pride celebrations so they can work with local officials to get other events permitted.

But the question is should they change or cancel these PRIDES or should they stand up against these fascist rules and opinions and include drag queens and let the chips falls where they may.

The founders of Pride meant for the events to include everyone and take our power by showring everyone how proud we are to be where we are and how we will fight for our rights,

Rolling over and excluding drag queens does not do that.

PRIDE was born out of activism. Not by being lily-livered fraidy cats who have no clue what real activism is and are causing our past LGBT+ heroes to spin in their graves.

6 thoughts on “COWARDS – Pride Organizers Are Cancelling Drag Queens Ahead of Festivals.

  1. Next it will be people in leather, then people of different ethnicities until Pride is lily white as not to offend. Oh and the ones left marching will be wearing hoods no doubt.

  2. I was among the original organizers of the First Pride Stonewall Rebellion Commemoration Marches held on June 28, 1970. We welcomed and urged ALL to join our march. Many joined us but Most of Our People then did not join being in fear, self-hatred and more under selfish viewing of only caring about themselves and not of others. Seems these Pride groups in various places that are excluding drag queens (and drag kings?) are NOT trying to commemorate or respect Our Movement’s History or ALL of Our People. It was risky and not popular to hold those first Pride Marches in June 1970. It was even more risky and unpopular for those as myself who participated in the Stonewall Rebellion. And among the participants in the Stonewall Rebellion were Drag Queens and long before that rebellion and earlier protests against police and government injustice and harm – there were poor Draq Queens open while the privileged comfortable closet cases DID NOTHING AND ACCEPTED WRoNG. These folks who are making decisions to exclude Drag Queens reminds me of those in Gay bars and groups, who excluded Drag Queens and People of Color and also those as myself who were poor without financial ability. Instead of ACCEPTING hetero bigotry and maintaining hetero mindset enslavement – we all need to join together and NOT ACCEPT – and demand and risk – to carry out building a UNITED Community that cares about and defends and supports building a real empowered Community FOR US ALL. Do not let hetero bigotry, fear and hate decide how we should live and respect and support all our fabulous Community.

  3. This is due to the commercialization of PRIDE. Now is the time to protect our dignity by creating the most vibrant PRIDE celebrations EVER! LONG LIVE OUR QUEENS!

  4. There needs to be limits to keep the children from being sexualized…. and by the way,I am a true Gay…. my door never swung both ways…. like 98 percent of our brothers and sisters

  5. It’s hilarious to listen to the wailing and moaning about “including everyone” from people who were delighted to ban police officers as well as elected officials who dared to deviate even slightly from a list of mandatory political positions. Pride activists never cared about including everyone. They want the event to reflect their own narrow, rigid views.

    I am delighted that drag is being banned. It may not have been the intent of the conservative legislatures to help improve Pride, but the end result of ending drag is that we will enjoy more wholesome, healthy and positive Pride.

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