TEXAS: GOP Controlled House Approves New Sweeping Book Ban.

TEXAS: GOP Controlled House Approves New Sweeping Book Ban.

Reading is Fundamental all except for Texas Fundamentalist .

Via The Texas Tribune

The Texas House passed a bill Thursday that aims to ban sexually explicit materials from school libraries. But legal experts, librarians and some parents are concerned that the bill’s language is vague and broad enough to ensnare books that are not inappropriate.
Under House Bill 900 — a priority for House Speaker Dade Phelan [photo] — sexually explicit books would be taken off shelves, and some books with sexual references would require parental consent. It passed the House by a 95-52 vote on Thursday after clearing an initial vote the previous day. The bill now heads to the Senate.
While lawmakers questioned the bill on the House floor, Texans sat cross-legged on the floor of the Capitol rotunda with books in hand to protest the legislation. Mimicking in-school reading time, the protesters read pictures books and young adult novels that could be targeted under HB 900.

6 thoughts on “TEXAS: GOP Controlled House Approves New Sweeping Book Ban.

  1. Republicans party of freedom, banning your freedoms ,banning books, your meds,words you can’t say , does this really sound like freedom ?

    1. Whereas Dems only demand you call people what they feel like they should be called, regardless of science. Want to ban all appliances in your home that would keep you from being dependant on the power grid, regardless of science. Dictate that life begins whenever they say it does, regardless of science.

      Seems the “party of science” is ok with draconian dictates, as long as it’s their dictator. But tell me more about why you think small children should be exposed to sexual reading material.

      Just realize, no one is stopping you from absorbing all the smut your tiny fetish brain can handle, just our kids.

  2. The Dems just want to target our kids to allow inappropriate things to be so normalized! It’s not happening! The bad guys NEVER win!

  3. All the democrats are doing in schools now from K-12 and in colleges is brainwashing our children with their stupidity and lies..Our children should not have access sexual explicit reading material!!

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