SCOTUS Rules First Amendment Entitles Web Designer to Refuse Gay Weddings

Man Charged With Threatening Human Rights Campaign. Funny Since HRC Does Nothing.

The Department of Justice has filed a criminal complaint against a Maryland man who has been charged with threatening the Human Rights Campaign.

Adam Michael Nettina, 34, of West Friendship, is accused of making the threats by phone to HRC’s Washington, D.C., headquarters the night of March 28. A transcription of his voice mail, contained in the complaint, reads as follows:

“You guys going to shoot up our schools now? Is that how it’s going to be? You just gonna to kill little kids. You’re just going to slaughter fucking little kids. Let me tell you something, we’re waiting, we’re waiting. And if you want a war, we’ll have a war. And we’ll fucking slaughter you back. We’ll cut your throats. We’ll put a bullet in your head. We’re not going to give a fuck. You started this bullshit. You’re going to kill us? We’re going to kill you ten times more in full. – The Advocate

Nettina is charged with making “interstate communications with a threat to injure,” according to a DOJ press release. If convicted, he could be sentenced to up to five years in prison.

Someone should have told Nettina that HRC does no real LGBT work and does noting but throw Gay-las’.

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