Lesbian Tennis Legend Billie Jean King Backhands Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis

Lesbian Tennis Legend Billie Jean King Backhands Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis

‘He probably has gay kids in his family’” – BJK

Lesbian tennis legend Billie Jean King has spoken out against Florida governor Ron DeSantis over the state’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law.

King who was in Florida for the 2023 Billie Jean King Cup on Friday (14 April), spoke out against the state’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law – which bars public schools from teaching about LGBT+ topics and gender identity from kindergarten through third grade .

“If you heard my personal journey, which I thought I was straight, I realized later in life I wasn’t. I had to figure out who am I, who is my authentic self. Going through that journey just for me personally, the important thing is to be welcoming to everyone. I have no control over what the governor is doing. He probably has gay kids in his family. He’ll say he doesn’t probably, but I bet he does. Most people have gay relatives, even if they don’t know it. I’m about inclusion. I think you should have different people on the (school) board.  Shouldn’t just be the people like you, that look like you, think like you. I think it’s important to have people who think differently. That’s how you really win.
Billie Jean King

The Biden administration’s press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre called DeSantis’ plan to extend the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law “completely, utterly wrong”.  “Make no mistake, this is part of a disturbing and dangerous trend we’re seeing across the country, of legislation that [is] anti-LGBTQI+, anti-trans, in a way we have not seen in some time. We’re talking about students, we’re talking about educators, we’re talking about individuals.” 


1. Many new sites will lazily call King “queer”. Billie Jean King openly identifies as a Lesbian and should be noted as such. Not “queer’. PLEASE be respectful of how people identify.

2. BJK should really push for her tournament to be moved out of Florida permanently.

5 thoughts on “Lesbian Tennis Legend Billie Jean King Backhands Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis

  1. She’s right! You don’t have to accept gay or transgender people but at least you need to respect them because they’re human beings as well!!

  2. Governor De Saint is racist and he uses his power of government to do as he wishes which is wrong but the whole government system is twisted,people are so blind they can’t see this man for what he is a fraud a man walking around in a mask hissing into the world his words of promises and wanting to be our next president iHope people get what is coming to them because if he makes president or continues being governor this world is in for a a huge hurting there is no GOD like in this man but pure evil

    1. He is an evil man with a racist Jim Crow agenda in fear of the evolving of our society to be more inclusive and tolerant of others with contrasting lifestyles. He now soils the office of the Governor and the uniform he once wore.

    2. I believe the governor, if you want to call him that, was scared by a penis bigger than his ( which isn’t hard to do)at a young age.

  3. Anyone who wants children under 10 to be taught graphic sexuality is a very sick pedophile.
    BTW, nowhere in this bill is the word “gay” even mentioned. At least be honest in your criticism without parroting a dishonest propaganda media nickname.

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