Josh Hawley Attacks "Woke" Corporations. Promises To Win The "Culture Wars".

Woody Guthrie Family Tells Josh Hawley To Cease Using “This Land Is Your Land”

This land is not for insurrectionists.

Nora Guthrie, daughter of singer Woody Guthrie, has written an email asking GOP Josh Hawley to stop using the song to promote his “This Land is Our Land Act,” 

“In this particular case, the co-opting or parodying of the lyric by those not aligned with Woody’s lyrics – i.e. misrepresentation by autocrats, racists, white nationalists, anti-labor, insurrectionists, etc. – is not condoned, We do not consider Josh Hawley in any way a representative of Woody’s values therefore we would never endorse or approve of his reference to Woody’s lyrics.” wrote Nora Guthrie

“It is more of a vision of democracy,” Guthrie said of the song. “The song simply reiterates the concept, ‘By the people, for the people.’

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