Wilton Manors in Florida Sets Protest Against Anti-LGBT State Laws.

Wilton Manors in Florida Sets Protest Against Anti-LGBT State Laws.

Well it took a couple of months but its nice to see some LGBT’s in Florida finally standing up against Florida’s heinous and oppressive anti-LGBT laws.

According to the 2010 Census, Wilton Manors is the country’s “Second Gayest City” – at least in terms of couples. It has about 140 per 1,000, putting it second only to Provincetown, Mass

Via ABC affiliate Local 10.com:

The LGBTQ community in Wilton Manors is preparing to march Sunday against new measures that Republicans in Florida are pushing forward. Christ Caputo, a Wilton Manors commissioner, said it’s time for the community to stand against “discriminatory” Florida bills Caputo said he is especially concerned about House Bill 1011 and Senate Bill 668, which set limits to flags at governmental agencies. “A new bill that came out, a House bill, essentially bans pride flags from flying in government property,” Caputo said. “Crazy enough, there was an amendment to it where it would have been OK to fly a Confederate flag but not to fly a Pride flag. I mean that’s unbelievable.”

The protest march “in heels” means no white plumber’s boots.

4 thoughts on “Wilton Manors in Florida Sets Protest Against Anti-LGBT State Laws.

  1. Please leave people alone who is not running around shooting up city. So much going on. Government needs to find solutions and by the way I am a straight human being.

  2. Do people realize that DeSantis is constantly railing about “elites” and his bogeyman “woke culture” and yet given a choice of thousands of colleges he CHOSE Yale, a very elite and prestigious institution located in blue blue Connecticut. This nonsense he is peddling is pure pandering to the MAGA crowd he apparently thinks he needs to beat his former best pal, Donald Trump. He also thinks, like his new pals at Fox, that these people are morons who will buy and crap he’s serving. This is pure pandering at its worst just like calling Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine a little local dispute until he realized he miscalculated and suddenly he was misunderstood.Gimme a break! Btw Trump also attended an Ivy League school, Penn, as did his nimrod children but the difference is millionaires can buy their kids’ way into the Ivy League but a son of working people has to be bright to attend Yale – very bright. He has no values and beliefs; he and his wife are literally calculating that turning Floridians against each other and revisiting the “good old days” of Confederate flags, homophobia, ignoring the accomplishments of black men and women, getting rid of sex education classes or seriously limiting what is taught and burning books is a winning formula. Why not begin each day with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Lord’s prayer? What corporations are going to locate in Florida with a school system that is turning back the clocks so he can say he’s anti-woke? And what does that even mean? Can we now say the N-word and the F-word for gays? And I guess the trans and drag community must pay a huge price for daring to express what they feel inside. At least we no longer need utensils to eat our pudding. Hate is not going to win you the White House Ron & Casey. It’s not even going to win you the nomination.

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