TEXAS: Police Arrest Man Who Shot and Killed A Lesbian In Cold Blood in Shocking Hate Crime.

TEXAS: GOP House Bill On Property Tax Relief Excludes LGBT Couples

Mess with Texas. PLEASE!

Via: The Hill:

A new Texas House bill that provides property tax relief based on the size of a family excludes LGBT(Q) couples and divorced parents with children, among other parties, from getting the tax advantage. Texas House Bill 2889, introduced this week by state Rep. Bryan Slaton (R), would supply a homestead tax credit to “certain married couples” in the state with either biological or adopted children of any age. Slaton said his bill intends to lift the state’s falling birth rate by establishing financial incentives for child-rearing. The proposed law is inspired by policies enacted in Poland and Hungary.

If this bill becomes law (certainly a possibility in the hellhole of Texas), could it possibly withstand legal scrutiny?

It is subsidized breeding after all.

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10 thoughts on “TEXAS: GOP House Bill On Property Tax Relief Excludes LGBT Couples

  1. WTH is going on in this bloody country??? Is anyone following up on this shit? Anyone fighting this stuff.

    This was ALWAYS the way those people (mostly, please let’s face it once and fro all), CHRISTIAN, for sure “christian nationalists” but all evangelical and more extreme ones. Their intention is to keep us all busy fighting legal battles and tying up all of our community money.

    With the drop in HIV cases (allegedgly), of course the federal and state money is going down and my even dry up. That was our key to funding some of the community rebuilding that HIV and centuries for stigma and discrimination stole from us.

    And now this?

  2. Excuse me the hell hole that Texas is? What liberal is determining that? WTH! Who do you think you are?

    1. All in the name of Jesus. I didn’t personally know the man I’m fairly certain he would not be this discriminate against all Gods children. Im not personally a religious person but I’m smarter than these nutcase. So don’t hide behind Jesus, just out yourselves for the racist and misogynistic people that you are.

  3. What about the elderly, the ones that pay taxes and raised their children. ,now still pay taxes and have no children. When do we get a break????

    1. We senior shouldn’t pay school taxes the state should pay those taxes barely afford food for table Stop raising those taxes n food

  4. This is a major part of the premise of the novel “Handmaids Tale”. Horrifying series on TV currently. This surely will end up in the courts for discrimination at the very least.

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