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Marjorie Taylor Greene Goes On Insane Anti-LGBT Rant at CPAC: The Left is ‘Coming for our children’ [VIDEO]

Honestly did we expect anything less?

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), a extreme far-right adulteress Christian nationalist launched into an insane rant Friday morning at CPAC telling the half empty room that the left is “coming for our children,” in her hate-filled, lie-filled, fear-mongering, anti-LGBT speech .

“The left has told us something that should put fear in the heart of every parent. Not just parents – every single person. They said they’re coming for our children. I  think the Republican Party has a duty. We have a responsibility, and that is to be the party that protects children,”

Greene even attacked the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus for “literally singing we’re coming for your children,” referring to a 2021 “tongue in cheek” song the group received right-wing death threats over because it advocated for teaching children to love and “not to hate.

Greene announced her bill, the Protect Children’s innocence act, which she said “will make it a felony to perform anything to do with gender affirming care on children.” She boasted it would pass because of God.

Our God is bigger. And our God, our God is the God that created us man and woman in His image, He created us in our God is the God that created our children. And because of him, we will get this bill passed and the Republican Party will be the party that protects children from such an evil that I cannot believe it exists in this time.”

What do you think?

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