NYC – March 7, 1969: CBS News Televises Anti-Gay Propaganda “The Homosexuals” Hosted by Mike Wallace – [FULL VIDEO]

Two years before the Stonewall Riots on March 7th, 1967, CBS Reports presented an  hour-long broadcast “documentary”  about homosexuality hosted by Mike Wallace called “The Homosexuals”

Taking three years to make, principal filming took place starting in the fall of 1964 and continued through early 1965.  Gay men were interviewed in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Charlotte and New York City. The identities of several of the men were obscured, either in shadow or, in one instance, behind a large potted palm tree.

Also interviewed were psychiatrist Charles Socarides, who strongly advocated the position that homosexuality is a mental disorder, and fellow psychiatrist Irving Bieber, who shared Socarides’ opinion of homosexuality as pathology. Interspersed with these interview segments was footage cinema verité style, of the inside of a gay bar along with shots of hustlers working a street corner and of all things a gay teenager being arrested in a public sex sting..

Charles Socarides, said when he was he interviewed  ‘There is no such thing as a happy homosexual’; ‘these homosexuals are by nature unable to form steady relationships, rather their prerogative is a series of one-night-stands and hookups’.  Socarides was one of many professional homophobic bigot psychiatrists of the day who earned virtually their entire living by promoting homophobia. (In a sublime irony of history, Socarides’s son, Richard Socarides, is openly gay; he served as a public policy advisor in the Clinton White House.)

And almost all of  Mike Wallace’s commentary echoed  Socarides disparaging views of  homosexuals.

The average homosexual, if there be such, is promiscuous. He is not interested or capable of a lasting relationship like that of a heterosexual marriage. His sex life, his love life, consists of a series of one–chance encounters at the clubs and bars he inhabits. And even on the streets of the city — the pick-up, the one night stand, these are characteristics of the homosexual relationship.

For his part, Wallace came to regret his participation in “The Homosexuals”. “I should have known better,” he said in 1992. Speaking in 1996, Wallace stated, “That is — God help us — what our understanding was of the homosexual lifestyle a mere twenty-five years ago because nobody was out of the closet and because that’s what we heard from doctors — that’s what Socarides told us, it was a matter of shame.”

LGBT activist Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out labels the broadcast “the single most destructive hour of anti-gay propaganda in our nation’s history. ” and that “The Homosexuals’ not only had a devastating effect on public opinion at the time but also was a nuclear bomb dropped on the psyches of gay and lesbian Americans, who, prior to this show, had never been represented as a group on national television.”

The anti-gay arguments made in “The Homosexuals” in 1967 are still used today by right-wing extremist and “Christians” who seek to harm and destroy the LGBT Community today.

“The Homosexuals” is a must watch shows how the past still affects the present and our equality to this very day.

4 thoughts on “NYC – March 7, 1969: CBS News Televises Anti-Gay Propaganda “The Homosexuals” Hosted by Mike Wallace – [FULL VIDEO]

  1. I think the opinion here that the segment was devastating to Gay people is lazy thinking. In the context of the times there were no ideas presented that society at large didn’t already hold and worse. But the piece did break ground by actually allowing some voices of gay rights and equality, granted a small amount but still probably the first time most Americans even would have heard of such a notion. I can imagine gay people hearing Warren Adkins/Jack Nichols talk so confidently about gay normalcy and being transformed by his clear and compelling message. And further into the piece Gore Vidal easily eviscerates common stereotypes. The piece contained all the ignorance of its time but it still cracked open doors to ideas that challenged ignorance, something few then would have been exposed to otherwise.

    1. Yes they finally talked about it, open-minded opinions finally said became an emblem, it was like that in 1982 under Ronald Reagan and AIDS. You needed to come out, defend the orientation as normal etc. It was a long process. Over thirty years in Québec between 1970 and 2000. Mariage here in 2005, decriminalization in 1977. Adoption was like utopia, it s now a reality.

  2. I had heard a lot about this “documentary” but I could never watch the whole thing because of the absurdities it contains.
    Nevertheless, I think that everyone should at least know about the existence of this disservice to society in order to understand once and for all that most of the arguments that homophobes call scientific are in fact the result of a work of extreme bad faith, based on guesswork and, mainly, prejudice.

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