WATCH - "Leather Bar: The Musical" aka. "Boot Camp" [VIDEO]

BLAST FROM THE PAST -WATCH “Leather Bar: The Musical” aka. “Boot Camp” [VIDEO]

Posted almost 14 years ago on YouTube this little gem has stood the test of time.

A timid yet sexually curious man visits a gay leather bar where he and a slave master make a romantic connection through song and dance, Broadway-style. *Jazz Hands*

What’s terrific about this short is the way it undermines the audience’s expectations so adroitly. The dark alley, the headlights, the slightly ominous flapping metal sign in the wind, the seedy interior…all combine to produce a feeling of curiosity mixed with slight dread. Then once the atmosphere has been thoroughly established and the viewer is having an “Oh my God, what am I in for” moment, the twist kicks in, and this turns into one of the most delicious comedic shorts you could ever hope for.

Written and Directed by John Scott Matthews and starring Matthew Solari as The Novice and John Cantwell as The Master. It’s a 5 minute must see that will being a smile to your face and a longing for days gone by.

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