The Last of Us - Ep 7: Homophobes Lose It Over Ellie's Big Lesbian Screen Kiss

The Last of Us – Ep 7: Homophobes Lose It Over Ellie’s Big Lesbian Screen Kiss

The haters lost their minds with Episode 3. Now with Episode 7 they have gone on meltdown mode

The Last of Us’ Episode 7 – “Left Behind” is the show’s latest in an already long line of heartbreakers. This seventh episode finally gives Ellie (Bella Ramsey) the flashback treatment it deployed in its first and third episodes, detailing the night Ellie discovered she was immune to the Cordyceps fungus, and also lost her best friend, Riley (Storm Reid), to a zombie bite. “Left Behind” is a beautiful showcase, a miniature coming-of-age tale with a plot that is rigged to elicit emotional turmoil from the audience.

Over the course of the night, Ellie embraces her sexuality when she has what seems to be her first kiss with Riley. (Which is in the video game.)

Cue the homophobes.

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