TEXAS - Loving "Christian" Pastor Asks GOD To Kill Gays In A "Slow Painful Death"

TEXAS – Loving “Christian” Pastor Asks GOD To Kill Gays In A “Slow Painful Death”

Duncan Urbanek, of Pure Words Baptist Church in southwest Houston gave a sermon in which he prayed for “every homo that exists” to suffer “a slow, painful death”

A video clip of part of the speech was reposted online by Hemant Mehta, an activist and citizen journalist who runs the Friendly Atheist substack, which exposes hypocrisy and hate by the religious Right.

Urbanek utilizes the well-worn trope of comparing gay people to pedophiles.: “Hey, I’m going to pray for every pedophile,” he says. “Every homo that exists, you know what my prayer for them is? They go straight to hell right now. I have no sympathy for them. I have no love for them. They hate God! They’ve already rejected God! And if God rejected them, why would I accept them?” That’s why I just pray that they just go to hell! And that’s a good imprecatory prayer to have: Hey Lord, let him drop straight into hell right now. I mean, if that’s not gonna happen, you know, let him get run over by a bus! A huge semi-truck! A Mack truck! I mean, let him get struck by lightning. I mean, give him cancer. Let the AIDS just infest their whole body and just die right now. Just destroy them. I mean, I don’t care which way you do it, Lord. Just kill them right now. Break their teeth in their mouth. Let them have a slow, painful death.”

Urbanek’s previously used anti-gay slurs to refer to gay people in his sermons. He’s also accused women who wear pants of being “cross-dressers” and being an “abomination,” urging their husbands to burn their wives’ clothing if they have pants in their wardrobes, and telling women to delete or destroy any pictures or evidence of them having ever worn pants.

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  1. Religion is the foundation of all that is evil in the world. It teaches intolerance, bigotry, homophobia, xenophobia, racism, murder, misogyny to name a just a few evil things. Many, like this satanic preacher, deserve to have the filth in their minds, hearts and mouths come back on them. May he die in the same way he wants gay people to die.

    1. This pastors words if they were as this article says and not twisted out of context (which is often the case with reporters) does NOT represent the Christian faith at all. We have a loving merciful God who forgives all our sins. My daughter is living a lesbian lifestyle and I have to believe that the God I believe in, love and serve will deliver my child from this and will continue to love and show mercy for those who stray from him in this life. Gods love is endless and his forgiveness is as far as the East is from the West for ALL of us!

      1. My daughter is also bisexual and we “as believers” commune with and are around all kinds of gifts, that Jesus sends, different dimensions and interpretations of love in our lives, that we as, an individuals of our own personal agency relationships with Jesus and as a family, that is multifaceted with each other get to really LOVE the Gift of “the being” and not who you possibly think or know who they have sex with, which is not my concern, they do not concern themselves with who i am having sex with and they do not scream at me or bash me verbally and say you have sex with men, just because i do.??? This makes no sense. it is their on going relationship with Jesus that we are interested in sharing together and individually…to GROW and MATURE IN HIS LOVE!!!

        1. Beautiful. My daughter marrieda young woman in a young man’s body. She has been transitioning after my grandson was born and its been a difficult adjustment to make. However, I’m not sure that I have seen a young couple more in love. My husband and I met later, our 30s, and had been together for 28 years. My parents passed a week apart last year, this year would be 60 years of marriage after meeting at 15. My in laws, similar story. I think that the next generation in our family will carry on this tradition. And just FYI, we are Christians. We don’t agree on everything but we were taught to love each other anyway.

      2. You know, I’m truly happy that you have such a wonderful relationship with your daughter. But, from my experience of the last 40 years, the Christian community, has, as a whole, failed to speak out against people like these. From Pat Robertson to Jerry Falwell, from Oral Roberts to the Swaggart‘s, John Hagee and a myriad of others the Christian community has, as a whole allowed these kind of demagogues to proliferate and it shares responsibility for them.

      3. “God will Deliver her from this”…
        From what? How GOD MADE HER in the first place?
        You are just as much as a bigot as this hateful lunatic, who should be behind bars! Not in front of a pulpit! I hope the God I believe in, wipes him and his evil hypocrit Christians off the planet! It’s these hate-filled religious freaks, who are destroying our country!

    2. With all that hate, he’s going to end up in the hell he’s wanting others to be in. How can anyone attend his church?

  2. If this pastor is doing this horrific stuff, and saying such horrible things. He is not a Christian of any sort and needs to be removed from his position. I believe in my Lord Jesus Christ, and we are to follow and be like our Lord. Our Lord, healed the sick, Fed the hungry, and gave vision back to the blind. He went and had dinner with the sinners and gave them love. His word says not to judge others, but to love them. We are supposed to walk in the light as Christians, and not in the dark. so my fellow people and humans out there. Please do not think that this is the Christian way because it is not. As the old saying goes don’t let one bad apple spoils, the whole bushel. Everyone have a blessed and prosperous day.Amen

  3. I’m a strong Christian believer. But the words of this pastor upsets me to no end. First off, as much heartbreak it has caused myself and my family. My daughter left her husband and 4 children to life a lesbian lifestyle. I have to believe that God answers prayers of the mother and in scripture that “if you bring up a child teaching them the way in which to go, they will not depart from it. Those who are lost deserve as much forgiveness and mercy of the rest of us sinners. The remarks of this Paster does not represent Christ or other Christian believers. Shame on him for his ignorance and horrifying remarks. That is “IF” he actually said that or if his words were twisted out of context. God show your love and mercy to my beautiful daughter and others who are lost in this lifestyle. Meet each child of God right where they are and guide them to where you are so they can live in the light of your glory. You are the peace that passes all understanding. I thank you for the work you are doing for all us sinners. Thank you for your grace love and mercy. Amen!!

    1. Sadly, you talk of this pastor’s ignorance but remain unaware of your own ignorance. Virtually every serious academic study of homosexuality has concluded that sexual orientation is determined by genetic factors or in very early childhood (before the age of 2)…these things
      are not elective choices. Your daughter likely did not choose her lesbian orientation. God gave her that challenging life.

      I have a very strong and wonderful spiritual life. I do not ever mix political beliefs with spiritual ones.
      I have one question for people who think same-sex atttaction is a choice:
      When did you choose to be a heterosexual?

      I think that people who maintain that God blesses their political beliefs are simply wrong.

      1. Just would like to know which one is it. I’m not gay, but have had several friends over the years that were. I am a man of reasoning and believe in the scientific method. So have said many many times that it’s in a person’s DNA to which I have been told that was t nothing they did genetic or “science” that they were who they were cause they choose to be that, which confuses me even more cause you try to defend something cause of it’s scientific basis and that gets turned around and used against you. This isnt children I’m talking about. I’m talking well educated individuals. Many of same, or a few of the same people that admonished the whole DNA perspective, I’ve seen and heard at either later or earlier times use the opposing side of the issue as their side of the argument. Honestly would just like to know, if this is common amoung any group of people, not just gay but any other group that has scientific data saying they are something because of blah, blah, blah, or if it’s just that people like to argue and will take up whatever side is able to give them a chance to be a “champion” for a cause, or makes them feel somewhat more more in control with who and what they are as an individual. Again I say this cause I’ve seen the flip in sides so much on this issue that I’ve actually had to ask a few if they weren’t giving a completely different speech just a few weeks ago. To which I’ve gotten evil stare downs, lost some as friends, and had one woman turn into a toddler and start screaming and throw a tantrum (that last one wasn’t a friend so much as a woman that just seemed to love to talk about shit just to get a reaction out of people, and when those looks would revert back to something else so to would her antics and social etiquettes.)

  4. What else would you expect from a ultra conservative Texas pastor whose never read the New Testament. What a Horse’s ass.

  5. For a so called pastor to say something so vile and disgusting speaks volumes about the type of person he is. The folks that follow that disgusting piece of trash are even worse. And let me guess, that church is tax exempt while spewing this extremely vile hatred. That church should be closed immediately and permanently!!

    1. The pastor is a blithering idiot. The BIble tells us to love EVERYBODY, no picking and choosing. Hey Pastor open mouth insert foot

  6. The Bible said ” judge not that you be judge the same way. This is the reason that people does go to church. Most churches don’t care to show a person where he need to change to follow Jesus they judge people for there lives choice God is the only judge and people needed to wake up how they are treating people in the church and everyday walk of life

  7. “Old news…”. Religious intolerance against homosexuality is as old as ‘Time’ itself, and resistance to it from “gays” is ‘expected and inevitable’. What’s the saying, “…sticks and stones can break my bones…but “names” should never hurt me…”…? Ho hum…

    Stop being “nervous Nellies”, and start accepting ‘life’…the good…the bad…and the ugly. Y’all aren’t going to change “the minds” of bigots…and their bigotry isn’t going to change “your opinion & attitude” either:

    Agree to “disagree” peacefully…but forcefully if “push comes to shove”…after all there are “well established laws” that prohibit and protect against and punish “unjust intolerance”. Life goes on…


    Have a nice day. I insist.

  8. I just don’t get it. Have these people never heard or read the Bible about what caused the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? Go loves us each and everyone. He offers the blessing of forgiveness. It’s up to that individual to accept or deny Him. Whichever they choose they face their own choice… good or bad.

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