Orthodox Israeli Journalist Yair Cherki Comes Out As Gay

Orthodox Israeli Journalist Yair Cherki Comes Out As Gay

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In January 2023, Israeli journalist Yair Cherki came out as gay in a public statement. Cherki, who is Orthodox, had previously kept his sexuality private, citing concerns over potential discrimination and backlash from his community.

Cherki’s decision to come out has been met with a mix of reactions, with some expressing support and others expressing disappointment or even anger. Many have praised Cherki for his bravery in speaking out and challenging stereotypes about the Orthodox community’s views on homosexuality.

However, others have criticized Cherki for what they see as an attempt to “normalize” homosexuality within the Orthodox community, which is known for its ultra conservative and anti-LGBT views on social issues. Some have even called for Cherki to be fired from his position as a journalist, arguing that his public advocacy for LGBT rights conflicts with the values of the Orthodox community.

Overall, Cherki’s coming out is a significant moment in the ongoing conversation about LGBTQ rights and acceptance in Israel. While the country has made strides in recent years towards greater equality for LGBTQ people, there is still much work to be done, particularly within more conservative communities like the Orthodox. Cherki’s willingness to speak out and be a visible representative of the LGBTQ Orthodox community is an important step towards greater understanding and acceptance for all.

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