Iowa Passes Bill Banning Gay and Trans Panic Defense After Introducing "Don't Say Gay" Bill

Iowa Passes Bill Banning Gay and Trans Panic Defense After Introducing “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

Can we say WTF??

Despite the fact that in January Iowa House Republicans introduced a similar to Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay Bill.” Iowa has now a bill passed on Thursday would prohibit Iowans charged with a violent crime could not use a victim’s sexuality or sexual orientation or gender identity as a mitigating factor in their defense.

The bill banning the “gay panic defense,” House File 159, passed the House with near-unanimous support. Rep. Mark Cisneros, R-Muscatine, was the only member to vote against it.

“This defense is both heinous and ridiculous, and this bill would eliminate it as a defense in Iowa,” Rep. Bobby Kaufmann, R-Wilton said.

The bill has passed the House twice in the past but has not made progress in the Senate.  There has been no indication that if it were to pass the Senate this time that Republican Governor Kim Reynolds would sign it into law.

10 thoughts on “Iowa Passes Bill Banning Gay and Trans Panic Defense After Introducing “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

  1. I think we’ve now opened the gates to Trans, gay phobic murder, injuries, insults. Unnecessarily hate.. it’s horrific

    1. Exactly…. Reynolds is a puke, she’ll for sure sign it into law if its passed. The name of the bill I’m general is ludacris in itself. Iowa used to be ahead of the game on issues like this, she seems to be knocking it back. Don’t even get me started on decriminalization of Marijuana in Iowa because this lady will see to it that it never happens. Regardless of the money the bordering states are making on the proceeds. Just send our residents to give another state and community our tax dollars….makes complete sense doesn’t it?

  2. Here’s what I think. The government is there to protect the American people. It shouldnt be about your color or your sexual preference.
    Stop fighting against each other in government and start work for the American people. You are disgracing the Americans. If someone does a crime they suffer consequences. Period.

    1. I think you said it best, color. Sexual preference, what does any of that matter if you were blind how would you even know the difference? Most of these things you wouldn’t bc they don’t impact us unless we allow them by making a issue of something that isn’t.

  3. I am highly disappointed with the government here. This bill is ridiculous. It clearly is taking us back decades! When they say history repeats itself I guess that includes neanderthal laws that alienate groups of people. My hope is that you can get the current administration out of office. Because they clearly don’t care about women, and the equality of all people.

  4. This news story is horribly written. Would somebody please post the actual text of the bill so we know what is being talked about.

    1. I am also confused. So if someone committed a hanious murder why would they want to use being gay or transexual as a defense?

  5. We are going back in time. I guess you will have to have someone you love get murdered or continually harassed to see what is like to live as a Gay or Trans gender person. If you do not think it will happen it will. Sad to see the hate Kim Reynolds is promoting.

  6. Come at me for being gay and I promise you you’ll meet the same demise you try to inflict! The hate has stood long enough! Get with modern times and freedoms of this land or the people are going to eventually force you to! There is more of us sharing the ideologies of freedom for ALL then your bigotry and bullets!

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