FLORIDA: Recruits Going AWOL From DeSantis' Private Army: “It’s A Militia”.

Ron DeSantis Accuses DirecTV of ‘Intellectual Discrimination’ for Dropping Newsmax

Florida Governor and Anti-Christ. Ron DeSatan DeSantis argued on Tuesday that DirecTV was guilty of “intellectual discrimination” because it dropped Newsmax, a conservative propaganda “news” station

DeSantis was asked if DirecTV should be investigated at the state level over the cancellation after accusing Direct TV of using an “ideological litmus test” to oust Newsmax..

Via Raw Story:. “They have so much other content that is very lightly viewed and yet they keep that on,” he said, “and it seems it’s the One America News and the Newsmax who are being targeted. So, I think it does warrant investigation.”

DeSantis went on to say that it should even be investigated by Congress: I think they need to ensure that there is not intellectual discrimination going on when it comes to what people are able to view.”

Newsmax is currently facing a lawsuit from voting machine company Smartmatic, which has also gone after OANN and Fox, while one of its hosts comes under fire for claiming COVID vaccines make recipients bioluminescent. 

13 thoughts on “Ron DeSantis Accuses DirecTV of ‘Intellectual Discrimination’ for Dropping Newsmax

    1. I fully agree. This picture is a trying to imply that Desantes is a Nazi, not Republican. I was put in Facebook jail for a week for posting a picture of Pelosi in a Nazi uniform. This reporter needs to be removed ASAP

      1. I think he is a Nazi. No comparison to Pelosi. He’s a baby Trump, Go ahead cry DeStain. Are u ready to say sorry for not acknowledging the last election? Are you ready to accept that there was an insurrection. ? Until then go CB out to the beach and pound sand. We want u out!!!!!

  1. It is hard to say, as the news media turns things around to fit their so called truths. Just like the don’t say gay bill. No such thing. The bill was to keep porn out of elementary school. I fully support that bill.

    1. Except there was no porn in elementary school so it’s a solution in search of a problem. In reality it’s a publicity stunt that, sadly, brought Desantis tons of free press.

    2. Wesley Young, There is so much more to that bill. Ask a teacher. If a child comes to a teacher or counselor for guidance or even curiosity regarding anything gender related or LGBTQ, they are not allowed to provide that guidance to the child. It is extremely cruel, negligent and narrow minded thinking with obvious ignorance to the facts on Ron DeSantis’s part.
      Or worse yet, perhaps he knows he is ethically wrong and doesn’t care as long as it is scoring him political points.
      Bottom line ~ Florida is NOT the “FREE” state Ron loves to brag about.

      1. You are soooo right. I feel strangled by his
        ” free state”
        …unfortunately it’s where I live and have no option to move.

      2. Discussions re LGBTQ should be with parents, not teachers or counselors, if a school student is a minor.

        1. And what if those parents won’t listen to their child? What if those parents tell their child they would see them dead before gay?? What then??? Where does the child go? They often try to kill themselves or they completely shut down, withdraw from life, is that the solution? A child needs a safe place if only to talk without being judged. What is it that all of these people are scared of? Being gay is the least of the problems we face as a country and this is the problem that want to fight. Makes me wonder why , what is it that makes gay people a target ? What about people dying in our streets from hunger and being homeless or not being able to have health care? What about our older citizens who need help to just to survive because they can’t afford medicines they need? Come on people wake up and see what a real issue should be and put your efforts towards helping our fellow humans and not harming them. You need you spend time on what is a real issue and guit working on something that really isn’t a problem.

      3. Sometimes domestic children, perhaps not the governor’s need an outlet,someone to talk to. Who knows, having someone there could prevent a tradegy/suicide. Just saying, don’t strip them of being curios.

  2. First and foremost DeSantis is a politician like all politicians Democrat and Republican and what ever else is out there. They are only interested in their own agenda. So who can beat the loudest drum or throw stuff to see what sticks on the wall. Bottom line they don’t give two craps about you this is why they choose to be politicians. As the great Abe Lincoln said, show me a rich politician and I’ll show you a crook.

  3. Free has a different meaning to me than it does to DeSantis. Free is not hiding the truth of history. Free is not allowing people to be free to live their life, gay or not. Free is not taking retaliatory actions against others who disagree with you. The way he has treated Disney is insane. He forgets without Disney he would be a governor of nothing more than swampland and alligators.

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