NEW JERSEY - Man Stabs Two People While Shouting Anti-Gay Slurs.

OKLAHOMA Donut Shop Firebombed After Drag Event

Tulsa’s ABC affiliate:

Tulsa Fire investigators are looking for a person of interest after someone smashed a window at a Brookside donut shop and threw a Molotov cocktail inside. This is the second time the business has been vandalized in the past two weeks. The owners of The Donut Hole near 31st and Peoria said they were out of town when they got the devastating call that their business had been targeted again. Investigators said the person first puts a letter with anti-LGBTQ rhetoric on the door of a neighboring business, then uses a bat to smash through the glass door. Once it was broken, the person is seen throwing the explosive device inside.

The Nazification of America has reached the Kristallnacht phase.


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