Gay History - February 17: Trump, Obama, The Equality Act and Facebook Sucks.

Facebook META Bans Gay Website Over AHS-NYC Recap. Pornography or Homophobia?

For weeks now for better or worse this website has been posting recaps of AHS-NYC (which is easier said than done.) Well imagine my surprise when I finally finished eps 7 & 8 and I posted to my personal Will Kohler Facebook/META (whatever) account and get a warning that the AHS NYC graphic being “pornography”. I contested and won and my post was replaced and my account was fine. So I go to my Back2Stonewall Facebook account and post the recap. Same thing! A warning about the AHS NYC graphic being “pornography”. Well I contest the decision on this account. ON THIS ACCOUNT IT IS PORNOGRAPHIC AND THEY RESTRICTED ME FOR 6 DAYS.

So we have AHS-NYC RECAP:  Episodes 7 (“THE SENTINEL”) and 8 (“‘FIRE ISLAND’”) SPOILER ALERT! up and viewable at my Will Kohler’s FB page, and banned and restricted on the FB page and I can’t post at all for 6 days. The only difference between the two pages is one is personal and Back2tonewall is a dedicated gay FB news webpage. I’m not saying homophobia has anything to do with it but it might. Or it just could be FB has really bad employees’ who don’t do their job properly or perhaps let personal feelings into their decisions. But whatever it is Facebook/META has gotten just as bad as Twitter and the LGBT community needs it’s own viable social media platform.

This has gotten entirely out of hand.

I should sue or send Big Daddy after them.

See you in 5 days on Facebook just in time for the AHS-NYC Finale Recap and then probably banning!~

Oh bother.

2 thoughts on “Facebook META Bans Gay Website Over AHS-NYC Recap. Pornography or Homophobia?

  1. It’s probably another offshore/foreign subcontractor moderator doing the work for commercial vs personal pages?
    My #JFC digital cartoon meme on my profile got me blocked for over a month as depicting a sex act, but it was a cartoon without genitalia!! So I figured that it was basically some overzealous evangelical mod who found it blasphemous and had to find a reason.
    Now 3 years later I get a notification from FB reversing that decision!!!!

  2. Will I think it’s both. I sent you an email discussing the fact that the house they used on fire Island which might be cash from 1974 until 1991 and other interesting information. I sent it to your Will Kohler emo address did you read it? BILL McNeeley

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