Hard Rock Hotel & Casino To Host Florida's GOP Sunshine /Don't Say Gay Summit

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino To Host Florida’s GOP Sunshine /Don’t Say Gay Summit

On July 22/23 the Florida GOP will be holding it’s Sunshine (Don’t Say Gay) Summit at the Hard Rick Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Speakers include: Ron DeSantis, and FOX News Mark Levin who recently compared LGBT families to bestiality.

Yes, Ron DeSantis and his minions will be meeting in that den of gambling and vice The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino whose mission statement reads: .

Since 1971, the mission at Hard Rock has been to “do well by doing good” in our local and global communities. In a world where Corporate Philanthropy has become a new business strategy for many organizations, we are proud to say that our pursuit to LOVE ALL – SERVE ALL® has been part of Hard Rock DNA since DAY 1.

As Hard Rockers, our actions are guided by mottos, which can be seen on the walls of every Hard Rock Cafe, Hotel and Casino location, and help us in our goal to make the Earth a safer, healthier and better place for all. The wide range of philanthropic causes we support around the globe is directly tied to our mottos – TAKE TIME TO BE KIND (Humanitarian), SAVE THE PLANET (Environmental) and ALL IS ONE® (Entertainment Industry).

Sounds like the perfect place for the GOP right? The climate change denying, extremely anti-LGBT, anti-woman’s choice, anti-free health care, insurrection loving Florida GOP’s..

And words are just words: During the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, Hard Rock Cafe refused to join the international community and withdraw from the Russian market. An April 28 study by Yale University, intended to identify how companies were reacting to the invasion, placed Hard Rock Cafe in the worst category of “Digging In”, meaning Defying Demands for Exit: companies defying demands for exit/reduction of activities.

Ironically, in October 2021 the Harvey Milk Foundation’s Diversity Awards was held in the same Hard Rock Hotel

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