As many of you know I have undergone multiple surgeries on my legs over the past 2 years. Yesterday was another surgery. But this one went slightly differently.

While I was in pre-op awaiting surgery and giving my medical history to an older female nurse at a hospital in Kentucky . I am and have always been open about being gay and my activism for full rights. The nurse took a beat. She looked me straight in the eye and took my hand , squeezed it and said “Thank you for fighting so long and so hard” and because of that her daughter, a lesbian just got married.

WOW. I was totally gutted. She gave me more respect, gratitude, and love in that minute than I have ever felt by the younger LGBTQ community at large.

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  1. I don’t know the traditional sentence english speaking would use to say in such circumstances in a concise way but I really wish you a full recovery soon. Maybe even a gay one ? That’s for the joke, even if it is silly but not harmful. LOL.

    You want to “laugh” with the unexpected ? My father had a surgery for skin cancer, all went well, he’s ending his recovery, everything is fine. The surgery was under general anesthesia. I wanted to mention it to my boss if I should be overwhelmed by emotion. My boss fled me all that day long and at the very last minute of my job she told me: “Wish him well and so on and so on. But you know, I don’t know what to say in such circumstances, I’m fed up with those tiny stories, I’ve been hearing them for 20 years now, I can’t stand it any longer, I’m really fed up with it”.

    A few days, another employee told that same boss about her suspicions of thyroid troubles, nothing official, she hadn’t already gone to the GPs for any diagnosis. My boss listened and chatted gentilly about it with the employee, taking care of her worries.

    15 years before, that same boss already told me: “Oh ! Your grandfather is dead. You’re going to ask me for a day to attend your grandfather funeral ?” Obviously, she never gave me her condoleances.

    That “lovely” lady is 40++ and she has three children. Future thugs. She was shout at for being so rude. In my opinion, it is shameful, aged 40++.

    Wishing you a full recovery soon, one more time.

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