Disney+'s Santa Clause (Tim Allen) Has a Problem With LGBTQ Kids. Ho. Ho. WTF!

Disney+’s Santa Clause (Tim Allen) Has a Problem With LGBTQ Kids. Ho. Ho. WTF!

It comes as no surprise that former drug pusher, comedian, and TV shitcom actor Tim Allen’ (Home Improvement) is a Trump supporter, Biden Hunter conspiracy theorist and GOP shill. He has no problem with sharing incendiary posts and his recent past is well documented on social media. So how could wonderful #LGBTQ supportive DISNEY recast him in the updated Santa Clause series on Disney+

 *In a tweet sent yesterday (and still up today on TWITTER despite 1000’s of reports), Allen wrote, “Took some kids to Disneyland and overheard a 13 year old boy wondering if he may be pansexual since he loves skillets.

Really Disney+ THIS is your Santa Clause, making fun of LGBTQ kids and you’ll probably do nothing about. ( As will the Human Right’s Campaign, The Task Force or GLAAD. Disney is a donation cash cow for them. )

Our only hope is that it’s a looooooong road between now and when that series does debut and hopefully Allen will finally hangs himself with his “gems” Because you know Allen is going to be dropping mores as he run ‘s the press gauntlet for The Santa Clause.

The thing is that Allen’s “behaviors” have been and are well known by everyone. Even Disney. So they have no excuse there. So why did they rehire him to play Santa Clause in a show geared to children?


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