Supernatural’ Actor Misha Collins Goes Back In. "I'm Straight"

UPDATE: Supernatural’ Actor Misha Collins Goes Back In. “I’m Straight”

Over the weekend we reported that Supernatural actor Misha Collins had appeared at Creation Entertainment’s Supernatural Official Convention where Collins in a Q&A with the audience, asked, “How many of you would consider yourself introverts? How many extroverts? And how many bisexuals?” Collins added, “I’m all three.”

Well it appears Collins IS NOT bisexual and has apologized for misspeaking, pointing out that he is indeed straight.

Posted in multiple TWEETS on TWITTER

“I want to deeply apologize for misspeaking this weekend. At a fan convention in New Jersey, when I was talking with the audience I said that I was ‘all three’ things: an introvert, an extrovert and a bisexual. My clumsy intention was to wave off actually discussing my sexuality, but I badly fumbled that and understand that was seen as me coming out as bisexual. This was not my intention so I need to correct the record: I am not bisexual. I happen to be straight, but I am also a fierce ally and the last thing I want to do is falsely co-opt the struggles of the LGBTQIA+ community. I believe and fully support that we need to sanctify the human right to express our identities honestly and to be free to love whomever we choose openly I am deeply sorry for the clumsiness of my language. I want to be a better ally and I feel sick to my stomach that I might have done anything to make things worse. I’m trying to learn, trying to do better and I will keep listening. Thanks and I’m sorry, Misha.

Well someone’s agent got upset…wife got nervous….or it’s Tom Hardy all over again.


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