One thought on “DEAD MAN WALKING – WATCH: Anti-Vaccine Mandate March in Washington, DC [LIVE]

  1. These anti-vaxers are mainly composed of rightwing religious and of right-wing libertarians who compose the current trumpsters and the former Tea Party. Many of these folks in this protest stayed over in Washinton DC after participating two days ago in the “Right To Life” anti-Choice annual protest. There are also some anti-government anarchists who are drawn to this and being manipulated, as many of the youth there. The over 24 years old in the crowd were 99.9% white petit bourgeois who could afford to travel and stay in hotels there. There were a number of fringe conspiracy theories folks in the crowd – but heavily cross overs of the right-wing evangelists and some identified fascist groups. These extreme right-wing groups (that we saw on Jan. 6, 2021 also in Washington DC Capitol attack) are actively communicating with similar right-wing groups in Europe and Australia, that are all part of extreme right-wing groups opposed to science and often due to right wing religious views.

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