ATLANTIS EVENTS Gay Circuit Party Cruises Change Social Media Policy to Ban "Sexually Explicit Pics.

ATLANTIS EVENTS Holds Anniversary Cruise. Crams Over 5000 People On Board During COVID

Get onboard the biggest event of 2022 for Atlantis’ 30th Anniversary! 5500 guys. Superstar performers. Cutting edge productions. Legendary concerts. Mind-blowing parties. And you! All on the world’s largest and most spectacular ship. Sail from Miami on the new Oasis of the Seas with friends from around the world for a superstar-studded festival of endless fun and excitement unlike anything you’ve ever imagined.


At a time when many cruises have been cancelled because of the recent surge in the Omnicron variant of the Coronavirus! But that didn’t stop Atlantis Events from holding their 30th LGBT Anniversary cruise. (aka gay party sex boat) And while many cruise lines capping capacity at 50% to 70%. Atlantis and Royal Caribbean who owns the ship decided that wasn’t needed. I mean it’s not like the Gay and LBT community hasn’t been through a pandemic/plague before.

I cannot tell you how disgusted I am at the greed of both Atlantis and RC for packing the ship. There were 712,051 cases of Covid19 reported in the United States yesterday alone. And while the Omincron variant is less severe it is still dangerous to people who have underlying conditions and who are immune deficient. This is not rocket science. But obviously GREED means more than the health and welfare of a community that has already lived through the ravages of one pandemic.

And to make matters worse this cruise literally set sail the day after the expiration of the CDC mandates and as you can see from the pictures above none remained in effect.

Omnicron is 3x’s more communicable than any variant before and this time we cannot protect ourselves with rubbers.

ATLANTIS Events should be ashamed and shunned. And just so they know will be following any cases that develop over the next 2 weeks from the cruise and reporting on them

Lets just hope the next variant isn’t called Homocron.

Greedy fucking bastards.

*Full disclosure: I myself am an avid cruiser and actually cruised in late November. There were only 800 passengers. It was 25% full and there was not one case of coronavirus reported onboard..

7 thoughts on “ATLANTIS EVENTS Holds Anniversary Cruise. Crams Over 5000 People On Board During COVID

  1. You are correct – it is about greed and stupidity. And seems also: Gay Lives Do Not Matter to both the companies and the self hatred, shown by those willing to be sheep and harmed, or infecting others.

  2. It seems exceptionally risky and more prudent to wait for Atlantis to celebrate its milestone anniversary. Aside from the obvious super spreader event this has the very real potential of becoming, the reality that a COVID outbreak could happen and force passengers into their cabins for the duration of the cruise or to be stranded out of port makes me wonder what people are thinking. There are ways to travel and get away if one really needs to let off some steam and get away. For their sake and our already strained health system and frontline workers I hope nothing of the sort happens but it seems foolish not to acknowledge the very real risk and how selfish it comes across in light of all the news about healthcare staff begging people to be more considerate and thoughtful.

  3. If history has taught us anything it is that deadly diseases pop up out of nowhere and spread like wildfire. When the next deadly sexually transmitted disease comes roaring out of the jungle who is going to have any sympathy for our community when it hits us hard. Did we not learn our lesson from the eighties and the nineties?? Why did I spend 20 years, tens of thousands of dollars, thousands of hours And millions of tears between 1985 and 2006? When and if it happens God forbid I don’t have the strength to go through that again.. And if there is a radical change in our government in the next administration do we really think that they will come to our rescue? Social and personal responsibility has gone completely out the window.

  4. As a passenger of the 30th Anniversary cruise, who is triple vaxed and never had Covid, who just tested negative the day after returning, wtf do you care what I do with my body? Stop Covid shaming the compliant and cancel culture the non-compliant. And there is no such thing as God… Didn’t 1985-2006 teach you anything?

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