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Anti-Vaxxer Dies In Texas After Family Sued Minnesota Hospital That Wanted To Pull The Plug

Earlier this week we reported on Scott Quiner 55, of Buffalo, who was flown from the Twin Cities to Texas over the weekend, after Mercy Hospital said it would disconnect the ventilator Quiner, who was unvaccinated, had been in the hospital’s ICU since Nov. 6 with critically low oxygen levels and had shown little signs of improvement since his arrival. Quiner’s wife, court seeking an emergency restraining order to prevent Mercy from disconnecting the ventilator. The judge issued a restraining order Jan. 13 and Quinner was moved to Texas  where his wife could keep giving him futile care while taking up an ICU bed in a pandemic .

He died:

“On behalf of the Quiner family, I would like to thank the public for their outpouring of love and support during this difficult ordeal,” she said. “We ask for privacy for Anne and the children as they grieve the loss of Scott, a wonderful husband and father.” – Marjorie Holsten laywer for the Quinner family.

The family feels Quiner didn’t receive adequate care at Mercy, Holsten said. She said that Anne told her a Texas doctor said Quiner was “the most undernourished patient he has ever seen.”

The hospital in Texas he was transferred to., United Memorial Medical Center lost it’s Medicare funding because of roaches in the OR in 2021.

Minnesota kept him alive for months. Texas killed him in 2 days..


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  1. They need someone to blame. Since his COVID could not be associated with not getting vaccinated. No of course not. People these days have a perverted thought processes. One mile from my house lives an elected town meeting member. Mrs.Ianni. She organized busses to go to the insurrection in DC. For weeks later she was on Boson Common for an anti vax demonstration that did not go well. Mrs Ianni was interviewed at the Common. When asked if she thought it would affect her bail from the Washington arrest. She asked the reporter why?

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