Montana Gov. Signs Anti-LGBT "Religious Freedom" Bill Into Law

Montana Gov. Signs Anti-LGBT “Religious Freedom” Bill Into Law

“To protect Montanans’ right to freely exercise their religion, I was proud to sign the Religious Freedom Restoration Act today.” – Montana Governor Greg Gianforte

A lot of news was reported this week that received little or no attention because of the Derek Chauvin case. This is one of the stories that went overlooked.

Via The Montana Standard

Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte on Thursday signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, bolstering religious beliefs as a claim or defense in court. Democrats and other opponents have decried the new law, arguing it would empower people to freely discriminate against LGBTQ people with beliefs that they are immune in the courts.

Democratic lawmakers in both chambers who are LGBTQ shared soul-bearing testimony in floor sessions about the message the bill’s passage would send to communities who already suffer discrimination. The legislation spurred opponents to rally outside the Capitol, while more than 250 companies co-signed a letter opposing SB 215.

Religion is a CHOICE. Being gay, not so much.

At this point I’d usually say BOYCOTT MONTANA but c’mon there is really nothing there to boycott.

2 thoughts on “Montana Gov. Signs Anti-LGBT “Religious Freedom” Bill Into Law

  1. Montana..Where men are men and the sheep hide on Saturday night!

    If you google historic figures from Montana…

    Jeannette Rankin. 1880-1973: U.S. representative; born in Missoula, Mont. …
    Her clasim to fame. The only vote against the US entering WWII
    Harold C. Urey. …
    He is a chemist who won the Nobel Prize for seperating an isotobe
    Henry Plummer. 1837-64: Bandit; place of birth unknown. …
    His claim to fame. A marshal turned bandit caught and hung
    Charles M. Russell. …
    His claim to fame…he was a sewcond rate painter scultor contemporary of Remington that never quite got it
    Gary Cooper. 1901-61: Actor; born in Helena, Mont.
    He left Montana as fast as he couyld and went to Hollywood

    Google cultural sites and you get Glacier National Park!

    So definitely not even worth boycotting. There isn’t anything there worth seeing.

  2. I am really very tired of this constant attempt to demonize people for being who they are. I really don’t know where these “defenders of traditional values” get all their energy from. It is very sad that people go so far as to turn to religions to have their prejudices endorsed. This kind of “claim for religious freedom” must be fought at all costs.

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