Happy HOMOween! – The Haunted Gay Carpe Diem Guesthouse in Provincetown, MA

Carpe Diem Guesthouse
12 Johnson St.  Provincetown, M.A.

Owned by partners Rainer Horn and Jürgen Herzog, the literary-themed bed & breakfast known as Carpe Diem in the past served as Provincetown’s funeral home.

Talk about getting stiff! 

Each guest room at the Carpe Diem is named after a famous writer, and the one named after William Shakespeare has also seen its share of strange occurrences. One employee often felt a watchful presence in this room, and a guest who spent the night there said she heard a voice telling her to “Get up and get out!” In the Eugene O’Neill suite, workers have seen an imprint of a body on the bed when no one was in the room. There have also been reports of disembodied voices and shadow figures in the basement and a female apparition sporting black, turn-of-the-century clothing and walking down the stairs

A housekeeper working alone in the basement heard someone whisper in his ear and then touch his back, but couldn’t see anyone when he turned around. His experience was later confirmed by a guest using the outdoor hot tub, which is near a basement window. The guest asked the desk manager about the man and woman walking around in the basement wearing Victorian clothing. When the manager descended into the basement to investigate he found no one there. A housekeeper who lived in the basement has also claimed he saw a shadowy figure walking into his room.

The owners of the guesthouse think one of the ghosts may be a former manager named Kevin, who liked working there so much he decided to stick around after death. They don’t know who the other ghosts are, but since the building was a 19th century funeral home. I am sure there are plenty of candidates.

All in all the ghosts at the Carpe Diem sound pretty mellow, no bleeding walls or glowing eyes staring in the window. Just perhaps a hot male ghost lying in your bed waiting for you at this clothing optional adult spa and guesthouse.

Boo baby! BOO!

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