Axios is reporting that sources close to them are saying that President-elect Joe Biden is considering a ambassadorship to China for Pete Buttigieg instead of a much deserved cabinet position.

WATCH: Pete Buttigieg’s Opening Guest Host Monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live! [VIDEO]

Former Democratic Presidential nominee Mayor Pete Buttigieg absolutely crushed it last night as he guest hosted on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE.

Due to public health concerns over the Coronavirus, JKL cancelled their usual studio audience, but a few Pete staffers, Chasten, and some friends sat in the crowd at the CDC-recommended distance apart .

Best line of the night on his Presidential nominee run.

Pete: “I was forty years too young and about thirty-eight years too gay”

Watch below.

3 thoughts on “WATCH: Pete Buttigieg’s Opening Guest Host Monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live! [VIDEO]

  1. He was very funny actually. It is hard enough to get up on that stage. To have to do it to basically no audience. I am hoping too we have not seen the last of him on a national stage. Mr Buttigieg had some good ideas. I think too if he was elected about 10 muslim fundamentalist groups would run for cover.

  2. He was fantastic! And so genuine in the interview segments. Compare that to Trump’s droning, disinterested addresses about the Corona virus and you see how much better this country could have.

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