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LIAR IN CHIEF – Donald Trump: I’d Vote For A Gay Presidential Candidate

Via Politico:

President Donald Trump said he would vote for a gay presidential candidate. In a wide-ranging interview on Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera’s podcast, the president also said he thinks it’s possible that American voters could one day elect a gay candidate to the White House.

“I think so. I think there would be some that wouldn’t, and I wouldn’t be among that group to be honest with you,” Trump told Rivera, pointing to Pete Buttigieg’s top-two finishes in both of the first two Democratic presidential contests.

“I think that, yes, I think that it doesn’t seem to be hurting Pete Boot-edge-edge as you say, as you would call him,” he argued, using the phonetic pronunciation that Buttigieg’s campaign has deployed. “It doesn’t seem to be hurting him very much but there would be a group that probably wouldn’t. But you or I wouldn’t be in that group.”


Trump: “I’d vote for a gay candidate!”
Homocons: “See? He loves the gays!”
Also Trump: *Fills administration and packs courts with homophobic bigots*
Homocons: *Silence*

One thought on “LIAR IN CHIEF – Donald Trump: I’d Vote For A Gay Presidential Candidate

  1. Most gay blogs totally hid from these Trump statements because it doesn’t go with the narrative they’ve been pushing since he became President. (Actually before he became President).

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