Washington Man Arrested In Killing of 17 Year Old Transgender Girl

Washington Man Arrested In Killing of 17 Year Old Transgender Girl

David Y. Bogdanov, 25, was arrested Tuesday on murder charges for the killing of a 17 year old transgender girl, Nikki Kuhnhausen after her skull was discovered in the woods in southern Washington this month the Vancouver Police Department said in a news release.

“I believe that David became enraged at the realization that he had engaged in sexual contact with a male whom he believed to be female and strangled Nikki to death,” Officer Jason Mills wrote in a probable cause affidavit.

Detectives used data from Kuhnhausen’s Snapchat account to find out who she had been talking to early on June 6 — which led them to Bogdanov, who “corroborated that the two had met and that he had transported her in his vehicle,” police said

“Bogdanov stated Nikki walked away and he never saw her after that,” police said.

Court documents said Bogdanov reported being “shocked” and “really, really disturbed” by the revelation that Nikki was transgender, saying “homosexuality is unacceptable in Russian culture”.

Cellphone location data showed that Bogdanov’s phone had been in a variety of locations at the time — including the area of east Clark County near Larch Mountain where a person found Kuhnhausen’s remains on Dec. 7, according to police.

Judge Suzan Clark granted the state’s request for no bail in Bogdanov’s case. A hearing to contest the no-bail hold is scheduled for Jan. 2.

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