Donald Trump to Speak at Family Research Council Hate Group's Values Voter Summit - LIVESTREAM

Donald Trump to Speak at Family Research Council Hate Group’s Values Voter Summit – LIVESTREAM

Donald Trump is set to give the keynote address at extreme right-wing anti-LGBT Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit at the Omni Shoreham Hotel tonight in Washington, D.C. It will mark the fourth time Trump has addressed the group.

In its 13th. year Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council partners the faux political extremist event with a veritable Who’s Who of anti-LGBT hate groups according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

From the Values Voters Summit webpage:

Since its inception, the Summit’s primary sponsor has been FRC Action, the legislative affiliate arm of Family Research Council. Through the years, FRC Action has had the privilege of partnering with other like-minded sponsors including American Family Association Action, Alliance Defending Freedom, Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), American Values, Christian Healthcare Ministries, First Liberty Institute, Inspire Investing, Liberty Counsel, Liberty Counsel Action, Liberty University, Ohio Christian University, Oklahoma Wesleyan University, and The Heritage Foundation,

This year’s “political” seminars include: Religious Freedom Successes under the Trump Administration, Advancing Religious Liberty in a LGBT World, Transgender Movement: Separating Facts from Fiction, and The Progressive Assault on (Christian) Freedom of Conscience.

Besides very stable genius Donald Trump. Other speakers this year include: Batshit crazy Rep. Louie Gohmert, anti-semite radio host Dennis Prager, former NRA spokes-bitch Dana Loesch, and recently fired FOX personality Todd Stames.

If you can stomach the vile, hate spewed propaganda of the VVS 13 Haterpalooza you can watch the live stream embedded below.

3 thoughts on “Donald Trump to Speak at Family Research Council Hate Group’s Values Voter Summit – LIVESTREAM

  1. Survival of the richest? Red of tooth and claw voters? ask not what you can do for your country, take it all before they ask? Nice guys don’t last? Do unto others before they do unto you?

  2. he’s such a hatemonger, among a treason committer and other high misdemeanors. i am really hoping the House impeaches his ass sooner than later and start the house of cards that is his administration.

  3. I believe Mr Trump is either one of the dumbest men in the world or the most brilliant.

    I firmly believe Mr Trump did not want or expect to be elected. He was the least prepared elected President in recorded history. He has done everything he can to get to this point in his Presidency. I believe he wants this. I believe he wants to be impeached. If you step back and look at the timeline of the events of his presidency it all points to my conclusions. I believe he will go down in history as the ” shock Jock” President. Mr Trumps action, tweets and statements confirm that title.

    A. Mr Trump effectively eradicated every piece of social legislation,LGBT rights legislation,healthcare gains and has effectively put a bulls eye on Americans with ISIS.

    B Mr Trump has effectively declared war on illegal immigrants and made it nearly impossible to emigrate legally from some parts of the world.

    C. Mr Trump has effectively empowered hate groups. Encourage a segment of Americans that for a generation , other American fought hard to beat down.

    D. Mr Trump has made being a liberal democrat or republicans 2 dirty words.

    E. Mr Trump has effectively caused a schism in american families and politics by his actions. I thought when this all started he was trying to create a dialogue. I thought Mr Trump did all this to get the country talking. I now believe he will leave office with a 5 year contract and a room in LAS Vegas with a very lucrative syndication contract. Mr Trump will leave office, publish a book titled ” The Joke I played on the United States”

What do you think?

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