Toronto PRIDE Bans Uniformed Police From Parade

Toronto PRIDE Bans Uniformed Police From Parade Indefinitely

Ooops they did it again. And many people are not happy.

Uniformed police officers have been indefinitely barred from participating in Toronto’s Pride Parade.

On Tuesday night, Pride members voted 163-161 to keep uniformed officers out of the parade. Officers can still march, but not in uniform.

“What this vote has told us is we need to better understand what this community feels about police services and how they feel it negatively impacts their lives and so that’s what we’re going to try to do,” said Olivia Nuamah, executive director of Pride Toronto.

The members’ decision means police will be out of the festivities indefinitely, she said. Another vote would be needed to allow uniformed officers back in.

Mayor John Tory said the result of the vote was “deeply disappointing.”

“Division is the enemy to be wary of here for everybody,” Tory said Wednesday. “And so I will be continuing to exert whatever effort I can to see if we can achieve a different outcome. Pride is still some time away. I believe the police should be in Pride,” Tory said to reporters Wednesday.

The vote comes about three months after the organization lifted a ban on uniformed officers taking part in PRIDE, saying the force was welcome to apply to be a part of this summer’s festivities. After a push-back from members of the trans and QPOC . Who say they don’t feel safe with the uniformed officers participating.

In 2016, Black Lives Matter (a non-LGBT specific group) abruptly halted the Pride Parade march, demanding that uniformed police, their floats and cruisers be excluded. 

It must be noted that before becoming Executive Director of Toronto Pride Olivia Nuamah was behind and advocated the Black Lives Matters agenda of Police exclusion.

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