Chicago Printer Refuses To Print LGBT Group's Brochure

Chicago Printer Refuses To Print LGBT Group’s Brochure

Two weeks ago, Deborah Schneider, the creative director at Chicago-based marketing firm Kineo Group sent a brochure for Chicago’s LGBT Community Fund to the Yorke Printe Shoppe for a copying job after owner, Brad Scull, quoted a  price and scheduled the job

Scull  later called Schneider to say he could not do the job based on his religious beliefs. Scull found Schneider another printer, Quantum in Morton Grove, for the same price, and the job was completed on time. Still, “I was shocked,” says Schneider, who has worked with Scull for a good 20 years. Schneider said she will no longer bring print jobs to Yorke. “He made a decision as a businessman, and I made a decision as a businesswoman,” she says.

Now the steering committee of the Fund plans to file a complaint this week with the Illinois Department of Human Rights after. “You think in this day and age it doesn’t happen, but it does,” says Adnaan Hamid, co-chair of the LGBT Community Fund.

Article 5 of the Illinois Human Rights Act states that public accommodations, including businesses, cannot discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, and the statute does not provide an exemption for religion.

“I’m a Christian, I believe in Scripture, and my faith is really important to me,” says Scull, whose father founded the print shop in 1969. “I have nothing against any of those people. I do have an issue when stuff gets into the promotion of the lifestyle. I don’t think people really understand that I can love the people and maybe not agree with them,” Scull says.

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