4 Men Arrested After Beating and Robbing Gay Man in Louisville, KY

4 Men Arrested After Beating and Robbing Gay Man in Louisville, KY

Four men were arrested in Louisville, KY last Saturday night after police say they beat and robbed a man, while yelling homophobic slurs about his sexual orientation.

According to police  reports, the incident took place on Saturday, just before 10 a.m.  When Louisville Metro Police were sent to the crime scene after someone reported that a group of men were attacking another man.

When officers arrived, they found a man who was bleeding from his face and mouth.

The man told officers that four men punched and kicked him until he fell to the ground while yelling anti- gay slurs at him. One of the attackers also took his cell phone and wallet.

Police ultimately arrested 29-year-old Shaun Logsdon, 32-year-old Aaron Cox, 31-year-old Christopher Philpott and 37-year-old John Hamilton. According to the arrest reports, the victim lived with two of the men and was able to identify them by name. He identified another suspect as “John-John” and gave a physical description of the fourth.

The four men were arrested in later that day where the victim’s cell phone was recovered.

They are all charged with first-degree robbery.

There is no word if federal hate crime charges will be filed.

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