Veteran Actress Carole Cook on Donald Trump: ‘Where’s John Wilkes Booth when you need him?’

Veteran Actress Carole Cook on Donald Trump: ‘Where’s John Wilkes Booth when you need him?’ – VIDEO

Veteran actress and Broadway star Carole Cook is being criticized for remarks to paparazzi over the weekend the past weekend.

Cook, who is 94, and her husband Tom Troupe were leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood on Sunday night when they were approached by a photographer from  TMZ, who asked if she had heard of a recent incident at “Frozen,” the Broadway musical. During a curtain call at that show last Wednesday, an audience member displayed a large “Trump 2020″ banner and waved it at the cast.

“Is that a proper venue for a Trumper to bring a banner to?” the photographer asked.

“My answer to that is,” Cook said, “where is John Wilkes Booth when you need him? Right?”

In the video, the photographer appeared to laugh at Cook’s response.

“Thank you, darling,” Cook said.

“He killed [a] president,” chimed in Cook’s husband, Tom Troupe.

“Don’t say that,” Cook admonished her husband, before lowering her voice and turning back to the photographer. “They’ll get me for that.”

“Will I be on an enemies’ list? My God, I hope so,” Cook said. “Just keep me out of jail. Or maybe not.”

The U.S. Secret Service said Monday it was aware of Cook’s comments, though it did not say whether they rose to the level of a threat.

“While we do not confirm or comment on the absence or existence of specific investigations, we can say that we investigate all threats (from 94 year old women) against the President,” Secret Service spokesman Mason Brayman

Ms. Cook who was the protege of Lucille Ball appeared in the original Broadway productions of 42nd Street and Romantic Comedy and was the second actress (after Carol Channing) to star as Dolly Levi in Hello, Dolly!  And appeared in such feature films as The Incredible Mr. LimpetSixteen CandlesGrandview, U.S.A.American GigoloSummer Lovers.

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