Mike Pence Speaks at FRC Hate Group's Values Voter Summit, Touts "Religious Freedom" - VIDEO

Mike Pence Speaks at FRC Hate Group’s Values Voter Summit, Touts “Religious Freedom” – VIDEO

Last night Vice President Mike Pence spoke at the Values Voter Summit, an annual D.C. confab for “social conservatives” (i.e. Republican religious extremist”) hosted by the anti-LGBT hate group the Family Research Council. Pence touted President Trump’s actions in favor of “religious freedom” —  as reasons for why conservative voters should turn out in the congressional mid-term elections to back Republican candidates and the Trump administration.

Our administration has also taken action to protect and promote our first freedom, the freedom of religion and religious liberty for every American. Last year President Trump chose the National Day of Prayer to announce new policies to protect the religious liberty of every American regardless of their creed. We’ve taken action to protect the conscience rights of doctors and nurses.”

Pence also alluded to further actions in favor of “religious freedom,” predicting Brett Kavanaugh will soon “will soon be Justice Brett Kavanaugh” upon confirmation by the U.S. Senate and issue rulings in line with social conservative thought.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a man of integrity with impeccable credentials and a proven judicial philosophy,” Pence said. “On the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, he wrote more than 300 opinions that reflect a strong record of support for limited government, religious liberty and our Second Amendment. He’s a conservative who will interpret the Constitution as written, and his record and career deserves the respect of every member of the United States Senate.”

You can watch Pence’s speech in its entirety below:


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