Homophobe Arrested At Key Gay West Bar For Drunken Violent Outburst

Homophobe Arrested At Key West Gay Bar For Drunken Violent Outburst

Early Monday morning, 26-year-old Shane McCrea (pictured above) was drinking at the Key West gay bar the Bourbon Street Pub on Duval Street when suddenly calling patrons “faggots” and saying they are “burning in hell,” according to an affidavit filed by Key West police.

The bouncer Milan Culum removed McCrea from the bar but a few minuted later he returned  struck Culum twice in the stomach and kicked a patron, calling him a “fucking faggot,” police said.

When police arrived, just after 1 a.m. McCrea began yelling obscenities at them and would not comply with their orders. He was handcuffed at Taser point, then pepper sprayed and finally put in leg restraints — this after he banged his head against the patrol car hood and tried kicking officers, police said.

On the way to jail, McCrea told officers he was a combat veteran with “high-ranking” friends and he would seek revenge, according to the affidavit written by officer Jesse Young.

“I will kill all you cops!” McCrea shouted after he arrived at the county jail on Stock Island, the affidavit states.

McCrea was arrested on four counts of felony battery resisting arrest on law enforcement officers, five felony counts of threats against a public servant or their family, one felony count enhancement for a hate crime and one felony count of resisting an officer with violence.

He was also arrested on four misdemeanor charges for brawling in public, battery, criminal property damage and disorderly conduct.

McCrea is currently being on $46,000 bond.

Key West prides itself on being one of the most gay-friendly city in the United States.


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