Hate Groups Claim Victory, Praise Evan Lowe For Shelving Anti-Gay Conversion Therapy

CA Assemblyman Evan Low Pulls Gay Conversion Therapy Ban Bill Because Religious Leaders “Upset”

Gay California Assemblyman Evan Low author of a bill to declare gay conversion therapy a fraudulent business practice has cowardly abandoned his effort for this year after a an outcry from the state’s “religious community”.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Low acknowledged his decision was unconventional, when he almost certainly had the votes to win final approval. “Some would say this is crazy,” he said. “Why would you pause when you don’t need to, when you’re in the driver’s seat?”

Low said he had no signs of opposition from Gov. Jerry Brown. Neither did Rick Zbur, executive director of Equality California, the LGBTQ advocacy group that co-sponsored the bill, who expressed confidence that Brown — whom he called “the most pro-LGBTQ governor in the state’s history” — would sign it.

Zbur said he believed the bill clearly would not ban the Bible or otherwise impede religious practice, as opponents had feared. Still, he said additional time would let them “tinker with the bill to make very clear that these false assertions the other side is making are not accurate.”

Tweeted Low: “It is my obligation as a Legislator to make this difficult decision in the interest of finding common ground. The path towards full equality is a long journey, but a journey best traveled together. Will you join me?”

Matthew Rettenmund of the Boy Culture website responded: “Child abuse” is what you called it. Now you’ve gone on a listening tour with child abusers and seek common ground. An utter betrayal of all gay people, and your asinine quote about ‘why not keep going when you’re in control?’ Is exactly why so many are disillusioned with Democrats.

Lowe is up for re-election in November of 2018. 

Connect the dots.

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