President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University Compares the Gay Community To ISIS

President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University Compares the Gay Community To ISIS

Everett Piper, president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, an evangelical Christian university, in an op-ed for the Washington Times instructed people to replace LGBT in the discussion of sexual morality with the term ISIS.

In doing this, something will quickly become quite obvious. Sentences will emerge such as these: “Love is love and ISIS has the right to love who they want to love.” “The ISIS community simply wants to be accepted and affirmed.” “What right does anyone have to refuse to bake a cake for an ISIS wedding?”

As such absurdities jump off the page, hopefully it becomes clear how absolutely ridiculous our culture’s game of sexual politics has become.

If our inclinations (sexual or otherwise) have become the sum total of our human identity then any emotion or passion (aberrant or not) can be, and logically must be, codified into law as the marker of our minority status, bringing with it all the rights, protections and privileges therein.

In this brave new world of hyphens and acronyms, we paint ourselves into a corner of “tolerance” where we must affirm the proclivities of anyone who “identifies” as ISIS just as much as we do all who identify as LGBTQ. After all, in both cases it could be easily argued, “that’s just who they are.”

When subjective feelings define human sexuality, how can we logically deny anyone else’s subjective feelings when it comes to other moral questions, especially those pertaining to what it means to be human?

Bottom line — The absurd ontological claims implicit in assumptions of sexual amorality are the ultimate insult to what it means to be human. We are imago Dei. We are not the imago dog. We are made in the image of God, and, thank God, through his grace, we have the moral awareness, moral responsibility and moral wherewithal to act like it.

One is not defined by his desire to engage in aberrant sex any more than one is defined by a desire to persecute Jews or burn crosses. In both cases, because we are human beings and not animals, we are simply supposed to not do it.

We can’t justify our sinful nature simply by saying, “That’s just who we are.”

The Oklahoma university president who frequently speaks at anti-LGBT hate group conferences for the Family Research Council also said in January 2016 that he was “proud” for asking for a religious exception to Title IX’s sex discrimination ordinance that would allow Piper’s school to not accept transgender students.

According to The Wall Street Journal’s database of accredited colleges, Oklahoma Wesleyan rakes in about $12.6 million in federal student loans and grants yearly. Browse around here. In other words, our tax money is helping students attend a college that not only discriminates against the LGBT community and college students.

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