HATE CRIMES: Blaze Bernstein’s Killer Samuel Woodard Exposed As Homophobic Neo-Nazi

Orange County prosecutors have charged former schoolmate Samuel Woodard with the murder of Blaze Bernstein this past Wednesday after DNA evidence at the crime scene in Borrego Park and inside his car tied him to the brutal slaying.

Prosecutors say that after an interaction on Snapchat, Woodward picked up Bernstein at his parents’ house in Lake Forest and stabbed him at least 20 times, killing him

Since Bernstein’s parents reported him missing to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department on Jan. 3, officials dedicated a team of 25 search-and-rescue deputies, police K-9s, multiple helicopter expeditions and drones to locating Bernstein, whose body was found Jan. 9 in a shallow grave at Borrego Park in Lake Forest.

The Orange County Register reported on Tuesday that a search warrant affidavit described Woodward as saying Bernstein had kissed him on the lips after Woodward picked Bernstein up on the night of Jan. 2. Investigators said that Woodward recalled the moment, clenching his jaw and fists, saying he wanted Bernstein to “get off him.”

Woodward told investigators he pushed Bernstein away and wanted to call him a “f—-t,” The Orange County Register reported of the 16-page affidavit.

Now multiple sources say Woodard, would post Neo-Nazi and white supremacist ideology on a now-deleted iFunny account and constantly got in debates over his beliefs ‘of white nationalism and support of Nazi ideas

He constantly got in debates over his beliefs ‘of white nationalism and support of Nazi ideas,’ according to Daniel W.

‘Anti-Semitism and homophobia were certainly aspects of his ideology,’ said another iFunny user who added they were close with Woodard.

Prosecutors have not ruled out charging Woodward with a hate crime but say they will only do so if there is enough evidence.


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