Gay College Student Equates “No Blacks, No Asians” In Sex Ads To “Segregation Era America”

Recently Graham Gremore of reported on college student Gregory Ragaza who wrote an op-ed for his college newspaper, saying that  “gay people can be pretty damn racist.” Which is surprising, he says, given the bigotry they themselves have had to suffer over the years.

Ragaza wrote and Gremore agreed:

The biggest problem about this issue is that they are either oblivious to their racism or in denial of it. In both cases, they tend to hide behind the guise of it’s a matter of “preference” and not racism. Putting phrases like “no Blacks, no Asians, only White” on your dating profile are pretty bold statements that mirror the signs that were posted in front of stores during the segregation era America once lived through.

Ragaza continued that while it is understandable to not be attracted to individual guys,” Ragaza says,  “saying a certain ethnicity, essentially excluding a whole group of people, isn’t your type is drastically different from picking particular details from individuals.”

He continues:

As a gay man of color living in the Bay Area, which is arguably one of the most diverse and accepting cities in the U.S. I, too, have experienced my fair share of racism within the gay community, not only on dating apps but also at bars and nightclubs. Personally, it feels like a double whammy. Not only do we deal with homophobia but we get the added racism as a cherry on top of being part of the “white” culture.

He concludes: “Only the individual who feels the need to announce to the world that they don’t date Asians, Blacks or Latinos can answer the mystery that’s deep within their shallow hearts. Let’s just hope they learn to open their minds and realize the difference between preference and racism.”

The definition of racism means: “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.” Is not  finding a particular feature to be sexually attractive, whether it be skin color, race, hair color, body type, or degree of femininity?  Or does it mean that you are trying  to oppress them, antagonize them, or proclaim superiority?

The answer is no. 

While Ragza targets white gay males as the “oppressors”? There are many people of color who prefer to date people of color and according to the theory explained above that would make them equally as racist as any white person declaring preference.

While seeing “No Blacks, No Asians” might hurt a QPOC feelings its just that.  Its insensitive.  Not racism.  Feelings are not facts and these feelings of insecurity should not be used to create a racial division in our community. Especially because some vapid white twink doesn’t want to sleep with you. We have much bigger problems at hand.

There is no shortage of homophobes who argue that gay men are misogynists because they don’t have sex with women, and that lesbians are man-haters because they don’t have sex with men.

In the end its all bullshit.  And harmful bullshit at that.



3 thoughts on “Gay College Student Equates “No Blacks, No Asians” In Sex Ads To “Segregation Era America”

  1. How mighty white of you to proclaim your opinion as fact instead of opinion! You can’t even see your own racism proudly proclaimed in print. That’s why men of your generation aren’t too popular with the youth of today.

    1. And why the special snowflakes of today’s youth who falsely claim that if you don’t want to fuck them you are racist are not popular with those of my generation.

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