AFA Hate Group Radio Host Bryan Fischer: HomoCONS Are The Rotting Cancer Of Conservatism


Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association writes:

A new and quite insidious trend has been launched in some conservative circles, a trend that unless it is stopped will eat away at the foundation of conservatism like a cancer until the foundation rots away and the whole thing collapses. This trend is the notion that one can be a practicing homosexual and a conservative at the same time. It’s impossible. Now it is certainly possible for a homosexual to hold conservative views on certain issues, and even defend them on talk shows, but it is not possible for him to be a conservative.

He, for instance, might be able to articulate a conservative view on national defense, or Second Amendment rights, or school choice, or repealing and replacing ObamaCare. But he cannot be a conservative. Why? Because at the center of conservatism is a non-negotiable view of human sexuality and the family. At the heart of a conservative view of the world lies the family. Not the individual, mind you, but the family. At the heart and soul of conservatism is the notion that marriage consists of one man and one woman and a family consists of a married father and mother and the children they conceive together through their love for each other.

Hmmmmm. “The center of conservatism is a non-negotiable view of human sexuality and the family.”

Which is why Hair Furor Trump has 5 kids from 3 different gold-diggers.

But on the other statement and I must confess it feels dirty to agree with Bryan Fischer on anything.

But HomoCONS are a rotting cancer.

Paging Clayton Moore!

5 thoughts on “AFA Hate Group Radio Host Bryan Fischer: HomoCONS Are The Rotting Cancer Of Conservatism

  1. So this hater and deliverer of the “truth” just said unless the dad and mom are married, (and it sounds like he’s saying having kids is a vital part of this truth too)-then you are not a conservative.
    Not every man and woman are blessed with the ability to have children. That definition of conservative sounds like another example of how we Americans love to judge others, and tell everybody how to live their lives.
    I don’t care what his definition of conservative is.

  2. Milo Yanniopoulous, Chadwick Moore, and those “poor” logrolling republicans had better watch out for those flames of fiery bloviation!
    The mediated circus of superstition as theocratic police. Like Sharia, Talmud, or other Orthodox codes of suppressing behavior and thought!
    Twisted twit!

  3. I have a serious problem with Mr Kohler’s post. Not with the content as much as with his lack of respect for the Office of President. I believe in free speech and am a member of the ACLU. However much you disagree with the President as a person. The process has spoken and he is the President of the United States. The lack of respect in general in this country for anyone in authority,elected official or police is something that needs to be addressed. It should be remembered we are not born hating and with this disrespect. It is taght very carefully at home.

    1. Butch, WTF do you mean about another poster not showing respect for the office? We have just lost a president who was called every name in the book.

      According to “conservative” web sites he was a Muslim, communist, socialist, unpatriotic, and out to destroy all that is good in the US.

      Let’s see. Not only was President Obama going to come to your house, personally, to take your guns and rape your daughters. That is after seizing complete power and doing away with the US constitution.

      The same crap and worse was said about President Bill Clinton. Claims were made that he killed Vince Foster, was dealing drugs out of Mina, Arkansas and that doesn’t even touch on Whitewater.

      Give it up, buddy. You elected a jackass who is in the process of giving you contaminated water to drink and polluted air to breath.

      There has been no respect for the office or the man filling it in many years.

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