24 Hours After LGBT Massacre In Orlando Another Religious Terrorist FRC’s Tony Perkins Fundraises Off NC’s Anti-LGBT Hate Law HB2

There are all different types religions who harbor terrorist.


Sent via email from anti-LGBT hate group, The Family Research Council:


Family Research Council

How do we respond when all eyes are on us?
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What We Do in the Storm

Determines Our Freedoms

Courage must be our watchword-and praise God for a $100,000 Matching Challenge that will double the impact of every donation!

He is one of the most hated men in America right now-under more intense scrutiny and pressure than most people could ever imagine.

I’m talking about Governor Pat McCrory of North Carolina.

In March, Governor McCrory signed House Bill 2 (H.B. 2), giving businesses the freedom to set their own policies regarding the use of locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms, rather than being forced by the government to allow men into the women’s room.

But judging from the reaction to this commonsense measure, you would think Governor McCrory was about to force North Carolina back into the Dark Ages. The “progressive” establishment immediately went after Governor McCrory with a vicious, distorted, smear campaign.

Praise God, Governor McCrory has held firm against the name-calling, character attacks, and intense pressure from the federal government and big corporations. And it’s on behalf of courageous heroes like him who are standing in the center of this firestorm that I’m writing today.

Thanks to a $100,000 Matching Challenge, your gift today for freedom and family values will DOUBLE in impact-up to the $100,000 limit of the challenge-if received by midnight of June 30.

This Matching Challenge is a huge boost toward the $1.8 million we need to raise this month by midnight June 30 in order to end our fiscal year on target.

So please give what you can today to show your support for Governor McCrory and others fighting against the radical Left.

Right now FRC is doing everything we can to support Governor McCrory and his team.

We know that what happens in North Carolina will affect the freedom of all Americans-including you and your family.

What President Obama wants is complete and utter capitulation to his administration’s misguided agenda to “fundamentally transform” America. He will settle for nothing less than eliminating any historical or biblical idea of masculinity and femininity.

There’s no question that this would lead to greater government control over every aspect of American life. If the White House can dictate bathroom policies throughout America, is anything beyond its reach?

Bottom line, the “progressive” Left wants to end your freedom to believe and to live out your faith according to your conscience.

They want to drive Christian values out of public life-and they demand that you politely agree and keep your faith to yourself within the four walls of your home.

But do you think they will stop there? Will they let Christians continue to live out their faith and raise their children, school their children, and run their businesses as they see fit? Not likely!

That is why I’m urging you to give in response to our $100,000 Matching Challenge and our $1.8 million goal.

I learned an important lesson a long time ago:

The cost you pay when you compromise your faith is always more, always worse, than the cost you pay if you stand with courage.

We know what is at stake in these bathroom debates. So we will NEVER apologize for our faith and NEVER back away from the heat of the world’s hatred and scorn when it comes to defending your freedom to believe and to act according to those beliefs.

We can do this confidently because we know friends like you are standing with us. But right now we’re facing an urgent need. We must raise $1.8 million this month by midnight of June 30 in order to end our fiscal year on solid footing.

Will you help us continue to stand with Governor McCrory and others like him in Congress, state capitals, and local governments across America who refuse to surrender to the Left’s agenda?

Thanks to the $100,000 Matching Challenge, your gift now will double in value. This is a tremendous opportunity, so I ask you to give prayerfully and generously today.

Thank you for giving what you can. Together, we will not back down.

Standing (Ephesians 6:13),

Tony Perkins

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  1. The masacure in Orlando ment nothing to those so called christens UNLESS OF COURSE it was THEIR CHURCH that ISIS attacked NORTH CAROLINA STATE IS NO BETTER THAN THE WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES

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