SoCal ESPN Sportscaster Steve Mason Comes Out: ““Now there’s a big weight off of my shoulders.” – Audio

SoCal ESPN Sportscaster Steve Mason Comes Out


One story that has been overlooked the past few weeks is that of Steve Mason (pictured above right) who is one of the most respected sports broadcasters in Southern California. He’s the co-host of the long-running “Mason & Ireland” show on ESPN 710, a top radio sports talk ratings for more than a decade.  And a regular contributor to KTTV’s “Good Day LA” program.

For years, Mason kept the fact that he is a gay man a secret mostly out of concern that disclosing it could  hurt his career.

A few weeks ago, Mason decided it was time to come out to his audience. “It felt like this was the time for me to be able to fully express my whole self on the air,” says Mason.

“I’m not the gay guy who does sports, I’m the sports guy who happens to be gay,” he says. He says he used to have to self-censor during daily broadcast banter about family and personal life and now he doesn’t. “I was always afraid that in some way it would come out and I would not have control of it as a story. Now there’s a big weight off of my shoulders.”

Listen to Steve’s coming out on-air below.


1 thought on “SoCal ESPN Sportscaster Steve Mason Comes Out: ““Now there’s a big weight off of my shoulders.” – Audio

  1. I failed to congratulate Steve on his bravery, courage and game-changing move. People tend to too easily assume or imagine gay guys to be wishful women, or designing clothes or arranging flowers or something. To be preachy here, I like the line that the mother of Matt Shepard said about the importance of ‘coming out’: ” (paraphrased) The most effective tool we have in changing the hearts and minds of America, is to tell our stories. ” Way to go, Mr. Mason, and i’d ask that no one sink down to being disrespectful towards him, when so much of the dislike and diss-ing that comes to gay guys, is really rooted in misogyny and BS gender demands. He has not become more womanly or less male, simply because he’d rather date Dale Earnhardt than Danica Patrick.

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