HRC President Chad Griffin Shows No Integrity – Represents Money Not The LGBT Community


In a recent two-part interview with the pro- Human Rights Campaign newspaper The Washington Blade, HRC President Chad Hunter Griffin came out of his $500,000.00 a year ivory tower to talk about HRC’s and his vision for future of LGBT movement, Which apparently has little integrity and a whole lot of nothing.

Stating that 2016 would be a pivotal year for LGBT rights. When asked about the action on LGBT rights this year is the end to the medical regulation prohibiting openly transgender service in the U.S. military. Griffin responded that he hasn’t seen any version of the report being prepared by the working group, but maintained the Human Rights Campaign remains in contact with the Defense Department on the issue.

Griffin also defended GOP dark money philanthropist Paul Singer who, despite donating large amounts of money to the Human Rights Campaign, has endorsed Republican rabidly anti-gay presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

Singer in 2013 donated $250,000 to Americans for Workplace Opportunity, a coalition group founded by Griffin that sought to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act which failed miserably and had a huge religious exemption. The same year, the Paul E. Singer Foundation teamed up with the Daniel S. Loeb Family Foundation to award the Human Rights Campaign Foundation major grants over three years to support LGBT rights at an international level.

Asked whether Singer’s endorsement will affect his relationship with the Human Rights Campaign, Griffin said, “It is not my job to police individual donors around the country. Everyone has the right to support whom they choose.”

In 2013 HRC honored Goldman Sachs with its 2011  Workplace Equality Innovation Award the same year that GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz received half-a-million dollars from Goldman Sachs to run for Congress.

You can read the whole Washington Blade HRC-washed article here at the Washington Blade.

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