Statement Regarding Transgender Identity Watch Exposed’s Slanderous Post Regarding The “Drop the T” Petition


Last night a trans -activist named Melissa Savage who obviously has too much time on her hands and hatred in her heart against gay men wrongly accused me of being the author of the “Drop the T” petition that has been posted on

The author of this petition is a seasoned gay rights blogger who identifies as left-wing, but with racist, misogynistic, and transphobic views that line him up with the neo-reactionary TERF movement quite well. His name is Will Kohler, a gay rights activist in Covington, KY, United States. He owns a blog known as Back2Stonewall. (Facebook Page.)

Ms. Savage attacks myself. My website, and my integrity by twisting circumstantial evidence in her delusional mind to justify her hatred and anger.

That being said I am not the author of the petition and many of my readers and friends in the LGBT activist community know that and will stand by my side and support me.

While I am angry at this unsubstantiated and unwarranted accusations I am also sad that Ms. Savage has so much hate in her heart to gay men.

If anyone is responsible for a backlash against the trans-community it is Ms. Savage and trans-activist like her that give her community a bad name.

Will Kohler

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