Henry Rollins on the Obergefell v. Hodges Ruling: “The skies have not darkened with locusts.”

Henry Rollins naked


Ex-Black Flag lead singer and musician, writer, journalist, and activist Henry Rollins, took to the pages of  LA Weekly to make a statement about the SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage and that the haters should just chill the f#@k out.  And so should everyone else.

“I am hoping that, in time, Obergefell v. Hodges will be seen in the same way asLoving v. Virginia – inevitable and a sign of social evolution in America. I bet two people of the same sex who want to get married don’t think they are going to have a ‘gay wedding.’ By wanting to get married in the first place, they show their dedication both to each other and to tradition. Wanting to get married is a freakin’ billboard for normality and inclusion. I wish the ‘You lost! Deal with it!’ talk would stop. I can understand where it comes from but it doesn’t make anything better. There were no losers, in my opinion. To those who disagree with same-sex marriage because it offends their faith, I would say your beliefs are still yours to have. The wisdom, peace and clarity that faith has allowed you to have are still intact. No word of any religious text has been changed or its power reduced. There is a lot of room in America; it allows all to move freely. All the wedding photographs popping up on the Internet should be enough to convince anyone that this was a great decision. Take Jack Evans and George Harris, for example — together for 54 years, in Texas of all places, finally able to get hitched. I am looking at them now. The skies have not darkened with locusts and tomorrow there will be traffic. I do believe we will be OK.” 

And while I do love me some Henry Rollins and he is right on may points in his piece I do think he’s giving the anti-marriage crowd too much credit. And we do deserve a bit of a gloat after a long and hard fought battle.

What do you think?

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