FRC Hate Group’s Tony Perkins on FOX News: It’s Not Over Now Send Us More Money! – Video

Oh yes Tony.  It is over.



And just hours after appearing on FAUX-News Per-KKK-ins and his hate group sent out the money beg below.


Urgent! Marriage decision update.
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Dear Will,

Click here to donateIMPORTANT BULLETIN! In what may be one of the most horrendous decisions ever forced on the American people, the U.S. Supreme Court has made same-sex “marriage” the law of the land.

As I have said for years, same-sex “marriage” is but the tip of the iceberg in an attempt to fundamentally alter the cultural and moral landscape of the nation. It is part of an unrelenting war on Christianity and the family by the Left, liberal media, ruling elites and especially the Obama administration. And now, because of the Court’s ruling, our religious freedom is more in danger than ever before.

This is NOT the time to give up and retreat.

It is critical that Christians pray more fervently than ever, stand more resolutely for truth than ever, and continue to support FRC. Your support is urgently needed as FRC’s work to preserve our First Amendment right to live by faith without fear of retribution intensifies.

I will give you more details soon, but, simply put, the Supreme Court decision to redefine marriage will force Americans like you and me, who believe that it is God who determines what is morally right and wrong, to stand against the oppressive power of the government.

The Court’s demand is clear: your ability to live your life according to historic Christian beliefs will be limited to your church and your home. But the truth is, even how you live in your home and what you teach your children is going to be impacted.

With the support of President Obama, the sexual revolutionaries will become even more aggressive to advance their agenda by going after the tax-exempt status of religious nonprofits and the accreditation of religious schools, colleges and universities. They will also redouble their efforts to make the workplace a place of persecution for those who adhere to a biblically-based, historically-supported view of marriage.

We can win.

This is why FRC must be strong in the days to come to battle against these attacks on our faith, our families and our churches. Despite the challenges we now face, let me assure you: I believe we can win. But to win, by God’s grace, we must stand against all that the enemies of our faith will throw at us. This is our moment in our nation’s history for courage.

FRC is fully committed to standing firmly in the face of the mounting pressure to abandon the biblical values that have made the United States a beacon of liberty.

FRC has been unyielding on the front line in defense of faith, family and freedom for decades. Thanks to God’s blessing and your support, FRC has made a dramatic impact for truth and justice in many tangible ways. We have helped . . .

FREE Christians imprisoned for their faith when the U.S. State Department failed to take decisive action.

SUPPORT Christian business owners, employees, servicemen and women, and all those who have been targeted for exercising their religious faith.

PROVIDE invaluable research support to congressional allies.

RAISE religious freedom to the forefront and continue to make it a key issue in the upcoming presidential campaign.

MOBILIZE 8,000 churches and pastors to stand firmly in the face of mounting

EXPOSE the shadowy efforts of the secular “progressives” to compromise your freedom at every turn.

This is why I believe we can win, but FRC will need to intensify its efforts to counter the lies of the mainstream media with the truth.

Your support is critical.

I need to know that I can count on you to help FRC make sure that religious freedom — our freedom to believe and to live according to our faith — never passes away.

Your gift today is essential and will help Christians all across America and in Congress to boldly stand. Courage breeds courage.

Standing (Ephesians 6:13),

Tony Perkins

P.S. I’ll have more specifics to share with you in the coming weeks, but for now, please give what you can to help FRC counter the aggressive deception of the Left in their attempt to destroy your religious freedom. Your gift today will make a big difference. No matter what the media or the political pundits might say, the fight is not over. Together, we will not only stand firmly, but push back. Thank you in advance for your much-needed donation to FRC.

What do you think?

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