Gay Dads In Texas Denied Adoption Of Their Biological Twin Sons

Gay Dads In Texas Denied Adoption Of Biological Twin Sons


A heartless Texas family court judge has denied the request of a legally married same-sex couple to adopt their newborn biological twin sons.

Jason and Joe each biologically fathered one of the twins, and the boys–who are half-brothers–share an egg donor. The fathers and their boys make up a loving family. However, the state of Texas refuses to acknowledge them as such.

Neither Jason nor Joe are listed as fathers on either of their sons’ birth certificates, which the men have not been able to see. They petitioned a judge in Fort Worth to add each of their names to their biological sons’ birth certificates and to cross-adopt, or second-parent adopt, the boys. The judge has denied the family both requests.

In Texas, as in 17 other states, the law is “unclear” as to whether LGBT parents can jointly adopt, meaning family protections vary from judge to judge or county to county. Because Texas does not recognize Jason and Joe’s marriage, the couples second-parent adoption is much harder to achieve.

The judge also denied a petition to list both men — or either — on the children’s birth certificates, even though Jason Hanna and Joe Riggs each biologically fathered one of the twin boys, Lucas and Ethan.

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3 thoughts on “Gay Dads In Texas Denied Adoption Of Their Biological Twin Sons

  1. You know I debated saying this. And I know it is mean. But goddamit this is what you get for living in a fucking backwater, bigoted, cesspool like Texas. Sorry boys. Get the fuck out of there. I won’t even visit Texas much less live there.

  2. I’ve got to add that no job or family ties is worth living in the infected zit called Texas. I would rather live in the back of my car. I guess I’ve said enough. But if these cuties want to come live with me in Chicago then I would consider it. LOL

  3. Those of us who live in Texas are not the problem. The lack of legal clarity & judicial prejudice is the issue. If it were up to certain bigots in this nation, gay people would all be expected to move away from them, regardless of how infeasible that ridiculous request would be. If having biological children stripped away from you is “what you get” for living in a state where you may have been born and raised, I think that being made bankrupt & homeless should be “what you get” for using your position on the bench, to disenfranchise loving fathers because they are gay. I hope that these men continue to elevate their case to the next highest court, because being denied biological children, in this circumstance, escapes all rational concepts of logic.

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